Whitney Freya

Whitney Freya

Fee Range

$2,000 - $5,000

Travels From

Wallowa, OR


Whitney opened her first art center in Nashville, TN in 1996 without any formal art training and without ever having painted. She was intuitively and divinely given the inspiration to open a "right brain gym" so anyone could work out their right brain muscle in order to create the change they desired in the art that is their life. Because of Whitney's enthusiasm, energy, and lack of "artist ego" everyone who is a part of Whitney's presentations and workshops experiences a tremendous expansion in what they believe they are capable of creating, and are able to let go of the fear that has been holding them back from creating change. The fact that Whitney gets people creating, right there, whether at a keynote or a workshop, insures that her audience experiences physiological change and new energy right away.

Whitney has two published books, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit and 33 Things to Know About Raising Creative Kids. She has been featured on CBS News, Martha Stewart Radio and recognized for her "ARTreach" with the Women for Women Foundation by Humanitarian News. Her books have been endorsed by Dan Pink, Michael Gelb, Tina Seelig, Laurence G. Boldt and more. She is a popular speaker at international creativity conferences in South Africa, Dubai, Canada, and the U.S. Since launching her career as a creative muse in 1996 she has become a well established artist, entrepreneur, and Creatively Fit Coach, training other coaches through her numerous online programs around the world to be ambassadors for our infinite, creative minds.

"Today's world demands that individuals, families, and organizations tap their right brain skills in order to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment. In The Artist Within, Whitney offers a first-rate guide to succeeding in this new world." ~Dan Pink


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