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Saint Tone

Saint Tone

Saint Tone's Energize Your Vibes is a show that penetrates consciousness using the healing effects of music combined with positive self empowering lyrics. Tony Saint Tone and Janie Boisclair use a wide variety of musical styles with catchy hooks and great harmonies to raise your energy and move you into action. With 30 years of experience and over 5000 shows they can adapt to any situation. From black tie events like President Obama's first inaugural ball, entertaining US troops around the world, or LA County Jails performing for inmates; the music of Saint Tone connects with people of all ages, ethnic and social backgrounds.

Positive affirmations wrapped within pop rock songs and audience participation make this show a great choice that will touch everyone in the audience.

Patricia Young

Patricia Young

Patricia works with Sensitive, Spiritual & Growth Oriented Women (and some very special men) that are ready to find AND live their Life Purpose, so they can be all that they were born to be! Patricia has a proven step-by-step process for getting the clarity they need so they can go from “Working for a Paycheck” to “Working for a Mission”™.

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