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Luminaries tagged with: Conscious Sustainability

Susan Davis

Susan Davis
Susan is a visionary creator of an innovation method that has produced extraordinary results in a social investing, economic empowerment of women, social enterprise and sustainability over the last 4 decades - “KINS Innovation Networks.”



Ken Reed

Ken Reed

About the author: Ken Reed, filmmaker, war-zone journalist, explorer, spiritual seeker, world-traveler, meditation teacher. He draws on a lifetime of rich experience - not as a scholar but as an adventurer, a man searching for meaning and willing to taunt life by living on the edge - to share his conclusions in his books, talks, workshops, and retreats.

Robert Steele

Robert Steele

Robert Steele, former soldier, spy, honorary hacker, #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, is a passionate advocate for both governance reform and the emergence of a citizen's intelligence network in which we all know more, sooner, than the government does -- and use that power. He is the leading local to global proponent for Open Source Everything, Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance, and Democratic Collaborative Capitalism. He offers an "ecology" of events with face to face heart to heart combinings before and after the main event.

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