Susan Davis

Susan Davis

Fee Range

$5,000 - $10,000

Travels From

Loja, Ecuador

Susan is a visionary creator of an innovation method that has produced extraordinary results in a wide variety of sectors over the last 4 decades.  Her “KINS Innovation Networks” have manifested exceptional results in social investing, solar, micro-enterprise, the economic empowerment of women, and sustainability.  

Examples of accomplishments include: Investors’ Circle attracted $152.8 million into 250 socially-responsible companies plus $4 billion in follow-on capital and literally created the social venture capital industry. KINS in Vilcabamba, Ecuador manifested 26 community projects with only $60,000, including closing a toxic dump for $6,500 instead of the million dollar bid of a multi-national.  Her Committee of 200 for America’s top women business owners/executives thrives today advancing the prospects of young women business owners.

KINS Innovation Networks are self-organizing networks of key, collaborative, high-integrity leaders from widely-diverse fields who come together by invitation to achieve inspiring innovations while enjoying their kindred spirits.   The 21 KINS networks have a 40-year track record of success of being a faster, cheaper, higher impact and more fun method of innovation.  The potential impact of spreading this method widely is great, because it is offered freely through and book, The Trojan Horse of Love. 

Susan has the extraordinary gift of having people experience their own greatness in her presence.  Her profound being of love, compassion, courage and humility creates an experience that empowers others into their fullest potential. She has inspired thousands of people to take courageous actions on behalf of humanity. She humbly serves all those she comes in contact with – from families with wealth of $100 Million to the indigenous people of the Nigerian tribe she created a micro-enterprise program for.  Susan’s legacy is the invaluable gift of a free innovation method anyone can use to tackle any of society’s larger issues.


KINS is the culmination of wisdom gathered over the last 40 years, poised at this crucial time in history to bring together conscious social entrepreneurs, conscious investors and conscious philanthropists in a ground-breaking partnership to address society’s most pressing challenges.  

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