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Sought after Relationship Expert Stacey Martino knows that Better Relationships equal a Better Life™! Stepping out of the old relationship paradigm of couple’s coaching, Stacey and her husband Paul empower individuals with the tools & strategies to transform their relationship …and you don’t need your partner to participate for this to work for you!

Stacey and Paul are the founders of and creators of RelationshipU®, the world’s only Relationship Development™ studies program for individuals who want to master their relationships. Their methodology proves that it only takes ONE partner to transform a relationship…ANY relationship!

Today, through their programs and live events, Stacey and Paul help thousands of people transform their love relationship! And as a happy bonus, you get to apply the same strategies to improve all your relationships.

Trained and certified by Tony Robbins, Stacey is a certified marriage educator and divorce preventionist. An international best-selling author, Stacey is a sought-after relationship expert, passionate and engaging speaker and media guest and is the Relationship Expert for Aspire Magazine. A better relationship begins here. Download your free relationship transformation program, "The Score Your Relationship System" at

Stacey Martino knows that Better Relationships equals a Better Life!  

Stacey Martino Testimonials

  • “Having just relatively recently become familiar with Stacey and her work I find myself extremely impressed by two main things; first is her vast knowledge and wisdom in terms of relationship dynamics themselves. And, secondly, the way she absolutely and genuinely cares about the people whose lives she touches. It’s obvious to me in every conversation with Stacey that not only does she focus on providing exceptional value to her clients; her efforts to reach an entirely new audience is a reflection of her authentic desire to make this a world filled with happy and joyful relationships. It’s the result of that desire that she is quickly becoming one of the go-to people in the relationships field.” – Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver

  • “When I first learned about Stacey Martino and her Relationship Transformation programs, my husband and I felt more like roommates than a married couple. Our relationship had taken a backseat to raising our children, and we’d begun to bicker frequently. I was committed to my marriage but knew that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life living like we were. What we were doing wasn’t working, but I had no idea of where to begin to change it. Enter Stacey and Paul Martino.

    Within months of starting Stacey’s program, and without my husband participating in it, our relationship was on much firmer ground. I had a renewed appreciation for my husband—including the characteristics that had been driving me crazy—and could see how well we complemented each other and what had drawn us together in the first place. We were consistently making time for each otherand playfulness returned. For the first time in years, I could see the upbeat, hopeful, and fun person that I really am.  My children have also benefited immensely, watching my husband and me really enjoy being together as partners and not just as parents.

    Stacey has a special talent for guiding you to look at things in an entirely new light. During one recent difficult period, I couldn’t break my pattern of negative feelings. One short (7 minute) conversation with Stacey changed all of that. She reframed the situation in a way that helped me stop taking the situation personally. As a result, not only did I feel better, but also I felt deeper compassion for my partner. It was like Stacey had flipped a switch: after being incredibly upset for nearly a week, all of a sudden I felt peaceful and confident that everything was going to be fine. The impact on everyone in my family was immediate. Myhusband and my children were so glad to see me feeling happier that the energy at home completely shiftedand we all became more lighthearted.

    Whether your relationship is on fragile ground or you want to take an already good relationship and make it spectacular, Stacey and Paul can get you where you want to go. They model the amazing relationship that is possible, and their generosity, passion for their work, and true caring are inspirational. As a bonus, not only did my relationship with my husband improve, but so did my relationships with everyone in my life: my children, my parents, my in-laws, and my colleagues. I can’t wait to see how my husband and I will continue to create the relationship of our dreams —and thanks to Stacey and Paul, I know that we can. I am grateful for you every day, Stacey and Paul!” – Kristin, Wynnewood, PA

  • “It is so powerful for kids to see mom and dad working as a team. As a parenting educator, I see couples struggle to get on the same page every single day. Using Stacey & Paul Martino’s 8 step Relationship Transformation System, I’ve witnessed parents quickly and effectively align as a team in a way that not only serves as a positive example for their kids but makes for a much happier Mom and Dad!

    What I love most about the Relationship Transformation System approach is that it only takes ONE partner to transform the relationship! This is a game-changer for relationships and families because it empowers just one parent to create the shift which benefits the entire family. I happily refer families to Stacey & Paul all the time because I’ve personally used the tools and strategies Stacey and Paul teach to create a fantastic boost in my own 25+ year marriage! This approach to transforming relationships is truly revolutionary and can benefit anyone, in any relationship situation.”

    – Amy McCready, author of “If I Have to Tell You One More Time” and founder of

  • “When I first signed up for Stacey’s 8-week Relationship Transformation Quick Start Program, I was single and attracting nothing but ‘toads.’ Recently divorced, I realized that I need to work on me before I could find my Prince. In the very first Module, I realized what my problem was: ME. Stacey made me realize that: 1) I don’t have to settle, 2) it’s up to me to create my ideal relationship; it doesn’t just happen, and 3) I can’t create what I can’t envision or believe in.

    That’s when the real work began. As I progressed through the modules I realized what role I had played in the dissolution of my marriage – it wasn’t all my ex’s fault!!! Stacey armed me with the skills I needed to create my ideal relationship and 6 weeks into the program, I met my soulmate.

    Not wanting to stop there, I signed up for the live Relationship Breakthrough Retreat. I owed it to myself – and my new partner – to not make the same mistakes that I did with my ex-husband. If you think Stacey is good on-line, you’ve never seen Stacey and Paul live demonstrating the relationship skills they use to create a passionate love in person. It was incredible! I emerged from those 3 days in New Jersey ready to rock my ideal relationship!

    I haven’t stopped since. I am re-listening to the 8-week Relationship Transformation Quick Start Program for the 4th time. Each time I emerge myself in Stacey’s teachings, I learn something new about myself and about my relationships. My way of be-ing is forever changed and I can’t thank Stacey enough for being my beacon of light in the otherwise dark halls of my relationship history.”

    – Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, HHC Women’s Empowerment Coach; Holistic Health and Life Style Coach

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