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Dr. Gurpreet Ahuja is an awakened soul, a board certified family practice physician, conscious and transformational speaker, medical intuitive, certified holistic health coach and an author in the making.  She left her job, as an urgent care physician two years ago, to pursue her passion of practicing Holistic Medicine.  But prior to embarking on this journey she spent countless hours going within.  She knew that in order to teach others the holistic path to wellness she had to first walk the path herself for only then could she teach it to another.  What she experienced on this journey was unfathomable as it cannot be explained or described.  Often times we try to explain Divinity with words but spoken words take away from the beauty of this experience. 

Through this journey she has come to a deeper understanding of what Spirit is trying to convey to us.  What she realized was that this journey was both personal and collective.  Yes she had her personal “story” as to why she had the insecurities that she did but she also realized that in-spite of the stories each and every human being carries the same insecurities and the same belief system at the core.  But because we as humans don’t’ recognize the beliefs that we are carrying it becomes challenging to unravel the web that our core beliefs have created.  What she realized is that it all just boils down to our thoughts and our beliefs in those thoughts.  Our thoughts combined with our beliefs are the gateway to our creation and hence our experience.  Our thoughts and beliefs are what decides what experience we have.  

While Dr. Ahuja cannot describe what she has experienced she does have the tools and the inner knowing of how and when to apply the tools so others can experience what she is experiencing.  She is offering this treasure to those who seek it.  She can help you harness the power of the mind for a healthier you!

Gurpreet Ahuja, MD, MS, CHC Testimonials

  • From Terri Reiter
    Dear Dr. Ahuja;
    I just wanted to write to try to tell you how much your Soul Healing Medicine, your work has helped me.  I knew you could heal me; your confidence is inspiring.  I have learned so much from your teaching: I have learned to heal myself at times of stress, so that I can make better choices; I have learned to rely on my higher power for guidance, and use the intuition I have been given by this guidance; my mind has been opened and expanded, and I have learned that I am not crazy, but had been broken, but can be healed and useful! I have been given my life back, a full, open-minded life, full of joy and hope, and I am forever grateful.  You have given me concrete lessons, which I can pull out and use daily.  I have learned to put a damn up against the "old" way, and have retrained my thinking in a new path, a path of freedom. The chains around my heart and mind are disappearing, and I feel I am more in alignment with body, soul, and mind. The service you provide has the full value of life. You gently teach, mentor, recognize, and help retrain unhealthy thought patterns.
     Thank you, again, dear friend, mentor, and leader of health.

  • From Mary Ganong:
    I am in awe of what is happening in my life!  I am having a journey of healing, growing, changing and learning.  My eyes have opened to seeing in a different way.  I can now see benefits in difficult situations.  I have tools and action steps to forgive, to examine what has been hidden and move forward.  Abundance has began to appear in my business, in my relationships and every aspect of life.  When I started seeing Dr. Simi I was physically unable to speak because my throat would tighten and close.  I am now able to speak my truth freely.  Dr. Simi has shown me ways to forgive the past and move on.  I needed the "How To" and she was able to show me in a real way that makes a difference.  I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my life.  I will continue to exercise my heart and soul through meditation, new discoveries and forgiveness.  Thank you Dr. Simi from the depth of my being

  • From Amar Padda:
    "I just want to let you know how happy I am with the services you provided. Soul Healing changed my life! I was living every moment of my life with fears, anxieties, and worries. Through consultations with you, I discovered a new side of me which is fearless, calm, confident, and intelligent. My concentration has improved, and more importantly, my anxiety symptoms that I thought I have to live with forever are gone! I am no longer nervous and shaking at social events. Soul Healing brought a new life to me. I am happier and more full of life than ever before."

  • From Harald Renner:
    "This year I had to face a new medical and spiritual challenge. What started as a routine surgical intervention – the treatment of a navel fracture (hernia umbilicalis) – became a serious case three days after the operation. A severe wound infection with an abscess as big as a mandarin forced the surgeons to operate me a second and a third time. A treatment for about three months was predicted by the medical authorities, and after this period a fourth operation was forecasted in order to prevent a disfiguring scar. The wound had to be cleaned every second day in the hospital, and this procedure was painful and depressing. In this time I was in email contact with Dr. Gurpreet Ahuja, whom I respected for her knowledge and experience in medicine and spirituality as well. With her help, I discovered that I needed to heal my relationship with my wife in order for my wound to heal. Once I did that, my wound started to heal unexpectedly and completely in a very short time. The medical team would not believe it at first, then the fourth operation was cancelled and I have no significant scar. The decisive step in the process was not to share the belief of the doctors about the length of time it would take for the wound to heal. As soon as I was informed and convinced that the healing of my inner wound (the relationship with my wife) was closely connected with the healing of my outer wound (the abscess), the root of my disease was treated instead of treating the symptom. Sort of like going out of my comfort zone when I first started to heal my relationship. Everything happened very quickly and simultaneously. Two weeks instead of three months. I am grateful for this experience and for the assistance I have received from above."

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