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Author Sonja Grace is of Norwegian and Native American descent and a comprehensive Mystic Healer.  After three decades of living throughout the United States she has returned to her native roots in Oregon. She hails from classical ballet training that catapulted a rich professional career spanning a decade at the prestigious Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Since early childhood, Sonja has found ways to bridge the gap between the arts and metaphysics. As she dances her way around the cosmos, Sonja shares the mission statement for humanity.  “We are here to love at the deepest level of our beings.”  Her workshops and retreats reach into the very foundation of love and take people on a journey of self-healing.

She is known for the calming sound of her voice that is equally grounding and direct with her international clientele.

Through her healing, counseling and spiritual processing, Sonja has a wide variety of talent to choose from in which she accesses her ability to channel and communicate with the Divine. She sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world. Sonja is an energy surgeon and helps clients to identify where the discomfort is in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. She provides medical scans and defies time and space with her energy medicine, etheric clearing, structural and cellular healing work helping the client to transform their energy, chakras, auric field, as well as the physical body in all systems.  Her ability to read and clear the karmic threads to past lives helps clients heal lifetimes of patterns.

Sonja is able to execute all levels of her work from a distance and is primarily working with clients over the phone.

 Findhorn Press just released her new book ‘Become an Earth Angel Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in Service’.  This book was written to inspire and guide light workers and spiritual seekers to better define what it means to be in service.    This book is an incredible adventure through the realms and dimensions with angels and purpose and is joined by her new film series called Earth Angel.    

Her dynamic film presentation in the popular Earth Ways Series, to live events brings together her command for the stage and her ability to channel the divine to large groups. These heartwarming experiences are for all who see, hear and feel what Sonja Grace has to say! Her book Angels in the 21st Century has touched people around the globe bring clarity to the death and dying process and what awaits us on the other side. Her latest book Earth Ways Healing Medicine for the Soul provides a pathway to the four seasons through prayer and ceremony and is a companion to the Earth Ways Series.  The audio C.D. Angels in the 21st Century allows listeners to get grounded and clear stress through working meditations and relaxations. 

Recently on The Virtual Light Network ,Gaiam TV’s Beyond Belief with George Noory, Sonja can be heard on Coast to Coast am, the Dr. Pat Show, Dr. Alvin and more! Sonja currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

Recent Videos:

New Chakra Videos from the Earth Angel Series

Upcoming Events:


October 9 - 12, 2014

Meditation Retreat, Joshua Tree Retreat, CA


April 24-27, 2015

Meditation Retreat Lumeria Maui


June 1-13, 2015

Sacred Sites Meditation Tour England, Scotland, Ireland 


August 7-9, 2015

Wild Man, Wild Women Earth Ways Meditation Retreat 



Sonja Grace Testimonials

  • "Sonja's character is beyond stellar. Everything she shares, teaches, or writes comes from the highest place and motivation; therefore, it enables the same. The clarity of her intuitive gift is like a light that points the way and her refreshing insights make her stand out in the crowd. I can say only that Sonja is one of my favorite people but also the mystic, healer, and teacher I respect more than any other in the world today."

    ~ Cyndi Dale - author of  internationally acclaimed The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy and The Complete Book of Chakra Healing

  • "Sonja Grace is a treasure.  Since being a student of others and mine years ago, she has gone on to develop her own unique wonderful skills that speak to many people around the world and that I have experienced personally.  I recommend her wholeheartedly."

    ~ Donna Eden - Author of Energy Medicine

  • "The way in which Sonja Grace imparts information is loving, warm and kind.  You trust her because there is an instant sense of 'comfortable.'  Sonja is very honest and detailed in her explanations and teachings.  I happily listen to every word she says on a regular basis."

    ~ Stacey Stahl - owner In Both Ears World Class Voices, Exceptional Representation

  • "Sonja's gift to connect with others in a meaningful way is authentic.  It is an authenticity which I have experienced one on one.  As a speaker, I believe her connections naturally magnify, bring meaningful revelations to each listener which in turn creates powerful, personal, poignant experience."

    ~ Debbe Hirata - Communications Consultant

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