Sondra Sneed Godscribe

Sondra Sneed Godscribe

Fee Range

$2,000 - $5,000

Travels From

Houston, TX

The Creator of the Universe has communicated with those who would listen for eons. In 2004 the words, "Unemployed? It is my assertion you are employed by me" suddenly appeared in her journal, and Sondra Sneed has been taking dictation from God ever since.  

Retreating into solitude, she filled 10 spiral notebooks with communications asserting they were from the Creator. Resisting for seven years, in 2011 Sondra summoned the courage to scribe a book for publication, and connected with Rainbow Ridge Books, whose publisher discovered Neale Donald Walsch in 1995. The result was the publication in April 2013 of in What to Do When You're Dead; A Former Atheist Interviews the Source of Infinite Being. Thisextraordinary book warns humanity that its course of self-destruction will have dire consequences unless each of us gets on our path of purpose.  


Sondra speaks on various topics, from the illusory nature of death and the nature of being to the foundations and principles of spiritual expansion as seen from the perspective of the Creator of all Being. Merging with her personal spirit in the mind of God, she facilitates sessions of such enormous profundity that there are few who will not exhibit signs of great change in her presence.

She has committed herself to using these communications to help people find out who they are and why they were born.  More importantly, by facilitating personal conversations with God, she helps individuals find out exactly what is stopping them from pursuing their path in the first place.

Sondra is available to teach and to give the greatest of all gifts - the knowing that we are inside the Great Being that gives and protects all life, as life lives in this abundant being, and it within us.

Sondra Sneed Godscribe Testimonials

  • "Our listeners and readers truly enjoy not only hearing about her life experiences, but also love receiving messages from God who speaks through her. Sondra is inspirational. She provides valuable guidance. I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to hear a message from Source, she truly is a woman of God."

    Belle Salisbury, publisher Bellesprit Magazine, Psychic Medium

  • Both times you've been on my show, Curious Times Radio, resulted in great feedback from my listeners. They ask for you back. Thank you for the excellent discussions. And for providing such meaningful messages to our callers. 

    ...Keep doing the amazing work you do, I believe you are helping so many people in very profound ways.

    Chris, Host of Curious Times Radio

  • "Sondra is one awesome message deliverer. Each and every message was powerful and profound!!"

    Linda Jordan, listener on Curious Times Radio

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