Rajiv Parti, M.D.

Rajiv Parti, M.D.

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$2,000 - $5,000

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Los Angeles, California


Dr. Rajiv Parti is a world leading specialist in pain management with over 30 years practicing clinical experience and 15 years as Chief of Anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital in California, specializing in cardiac anesthesia. Dr. Parti founded the Pain Management Institute of California, and under his direction it has served thousands of patients for acute and chronic pain relief.


In 2005, Dr. Parti personally encountered the first of a series of life threatening health challenges that led him to explore non-traditional, evidence-based complementary and alternative medicines.  


In 2008, Dr. Parti's life was turned upside down following a diagnoses of prostate cancer. Enduring seven surgeries and ensuing complications over the next two years, Dr. Parti was gifted with a near death experience that showed him his true purpose in this lifetime: to be a healer of the soul, especially diseases of the soul, of the energy body, addiction, depression, chronic pain and cancer. It was only by experiencing the diseases that had befallen him personally that he could truly have empathy for – and help – others, because he now knew how it felt to be in their shoes.


Today, he applies an integrative approach for life balance and well-being, including Ayurveda, meditation, Yoga, sound and color therapies into his medical practice. Placing implicit trust and faith in the Divine, Dr. Parti now shares his experience and insights through his writing, coaching and speaking engagements.


Dr. Parti's books - The Soul of Wellness, The Laws of Wellness, and The Four Pillars of Happiness - are available on Amazon.com.


Rajiv Parti Testimonials

  • Dr. Parti’s ‘The Soul of Wellness’ takes you on a wondrous journey through the mysteries of self-healing. This is a must read for anyone who seeks peace, more joy and total health.”
    -David Ji, Dean, Chopra Center University

    “In this beautiful book Dr. Rajiv Parti is truly a healer of all dimensions and gives us the tools to heal our emotions and heal our lives. Dr. Parti shares the essential truths about love and healing. With his guidance, you will be able to open your heart, heal your body and find joy in every aspect of your life.”
    –Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author, “Your Destiny Switch”

    “We are living in times of emergence and emergency. Old paradigms of reductive science are receding and we are now in the emergence of a great and healing synthesis of body, mind, soul and spirit. The Soul of Wellness is on the cusp of this great turning. Through his many years of experience as a medical professional, his shattering experience as a patient, and his lifetime experience as a seeker, Dr. Rajiv Parti brings suffering to light, to love and to spirit, where healing takes on its deepest meaning. This is a book for the times, and for each of us as we find our way home to our true nature and our place in the divine order of the universe.”
    –Janet Thomas, Author, “The Battle in Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations” and “Day Breaks Over Dharamsala”

    “A beautiful testament to a healing journey filled with love of the mind, body and spirit.”
    –Eva M. Selhub, MD, Medical Director of Mind/Body Medical Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital

    “The Soul of Wellness offers an elegant process of discovery to lift us from despair and pain to healing and wholeness, on all levels…body, mind and soul.”
    –Arielle Ford, Author, “Wabi Sabi Love”

    “Dr. Parti is a refreshing new voice in the world of alternative health. In The Soul of Wellness, he offers a simple yet comprehensive 12-step plan for living a life of love, vibrant health, and boundless joy.”
    –Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, “Happy for No Reason” and “Love for No Reason”

    “‘Without Spirit, the dimension of Heart has no heart.’  In speaking of wellness and love, this quote captures the essence of why the human being is here, to learn how to live from spirit and share love from the spiritual heart. Dr Rajiv Parti beautifully captures this essential essence in these teachings and story.”
    –Yogi Cameron, Author, “The Guru in You”

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