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Pollyanna is a cheerleader for the creative path. A professional Visual Arts, English, and Special Education teacher by day, she is also an award-winning amateur ballroom dancer and writer who speaks from the heart of personal experience about never sitting out another dance again. Honouring and acting on your creative-intuitive impulse is the key to living a regret-free life. She inspires you to dust off your dance shoes, literally or metaphorically, and pursue your creative journey on the dance floor and beyond. By opening to the mental, emotional, and spiritual support within reach to help you keep at it, you can transform your relationship to the muse, leading you from doubt to lightness of being so you can consciously dance through life and embody, more fully, your creative essence here on earth.

Empathetic to the winding terrain one faces on the journey to embrace the creative self, Pollyanna helps you to not only recognize who the muse truly is and how she appears in your life, but also how to transform your relationship to her, so she may become more ally than antagonist. Approaching soul development from a multidimensional perspective provides rich nourishment for self-growth and the opportunity to expand one's spiritual consciousness. Working with chakra awareness, the subtle body, the intuitive arts, and divine connections provides a wide range of practical tools to enhance awareness of body, mind, spirit, soul, and heart. In exploring new ways to live one's essence from the inside out and stay on the path, people are empowered to realize and manifest their gifts to the world.

Since age three, Pollyanna Blanco has danced. She began studying ballet, followed by flamenco, then whirled into ballroom. As a competitor at the Pro-Am level in both Canada and the United States, she has been named the  2013 North American Pro-Am Imperial Grand Show Dance Gold Champion and Best of the Best Participant representing the Spring Tulip Classic at the 2013 Ohio Star Ball, as well as the Canadian Closed Pro-Am Rhythm Champion. She has performed for pop singer Billy Newton Davis, the Toronto Astros Soccer Club, as well as many hospital, school, and community fundraisers.

Since her first published poem at the tender age of six in Nebula and an IBM jingle at thirteen, her published work has included dance articles for the University of Toronto's The Varsity, where her review of Alarmel Valli received a National Writing Award from Canadian Writer's Magazine. More recent was her article for the Ontario Society of Artists on being an art teacher.

During the day, Pollyanna is a full-time high school Visual Arts, English, and Special Education teacher with the Toronto District School Board. There she shares her love of dance through an after-school student salsa dance club, as well as the Board-wide dance competition modelled after the TV show So You Think You Can Dance. As well, she has taught evening beginner social dance classes to adults. She has also delivered seminars at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Education. These teaching experiences have provided additional insight into the hesitations, doubts, and challenges faced by everyone new to dance. A Reiki Master, she has been developing her interest in personal growth further through courses at The Transformational Arts College in Toronto over the past several years, where she is currently completing her Divine Connections Practitioner diploma. These and her own experiences performing and working with others on the dance floor have shown the inner blossoming and confidence that come from meeting one's muse.

Pollyanna Blanco Testimonials

  • In Rhythm With Your Soul merges the worlds of invisible with the reality of the physical, building a bridge upon which we can dance the dance of transformation.

    -- Cyndi Dale, Author of The Subtle Body, Energetic Boundaries, and The Intuition Guidebook

    In Rhythm With Your Soul is a wonderful book that reaffirms the value of freeing ourselves, and dancing with our daimons, as we explore life's purpose and continue on our spiritual path.

    -- Madisyn Taylor, DailyOm (Co-Founder/Editor-In-Chief)

    Wisdom comes pouring out of this book on every page! Rarely does a book decipher the meaning of dance in a way that's transformational, understandable, and practical. In Rhythm With Your Soul tackles the subject on multiple levels, grounding it in author Pollyanna Blanco's inspiring personal story, and balancing scientific and esoteric perspectives to create a one-of-a-kind toolkit of knowledge. Valuable for dancers or teachers of every stripe -- and an inviting threshold for those about to dance.

    -- Mark Metz, Publidher, CEO, Counscious Dancer Magazine

  • As a forner professional ballerina I found In Rhythm With Your Soul to be affirming to the very nature of my experience that as a soul in a body on Earth we can best integrate the Divine through moving our energy, whether in meditation or in dance; it is the expression of the soul and the direct line to Source.

    -- Sonja Grace, Author and Mystic Healer

  • In Rhythm With Your Soul is like fertilizer for the soul.

    -- Brigitt Mayer, Author and Publisher, Chief of the World Dance Council Historical Committee and Educational Department

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