Margaret Ann Lembo

Margaret Ann Lembo

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Boynton Beach, Florida

Margaret Ann is the award winning author of Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy and the Power of Positive Thought and the Angels and Gemstone Guardians Cards as well as 7 spoken audio and meditation CDs as well as best-selling aromatherapy sprays like Smudge in Spray, Guardian Angel Spray and Prosperity Mist.

Margaret Ann'sr two new books, The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones, (Llewellyn Worldwide) and Color Your Life with Crystals, Your First Guide to Crystals, Colors and Chakras (Findhorn Press).  

Margaret Ann is an experienced speaker, having toured nationally bringing a-ha experiences and laughter to her audiences through her years of experiences. While her expertise appears to be in color, gemstones and aromatherapy - her real message is aligned with creating concrete paths to transforming individual's lives into ones of happiness, love and prosperity.

 Colorful and dynamic, she will share the secrets of understanding the power of color. She brings awareness to the colors that will aid in bringing clarity and purpose to life. Margaret charms you with her enthusiasm, grace, and depth of knowledge.

Past Events offered at Unity Churches (Delray Beach, St. Petersburg and Overland Park, KS) and Book Stores and Spiritual Centers throughout US and Canada:

Positive Thoughts for Successful Living. Remember when you were a youngster and the get-to-know you question was, “What is your favorite color?” Your favorite color and the colors you are most drawn to reveal a lot about you, your life, your needs and desires. Join our guest speaker as she shares how colors influence the way we feel, act and react to others.


•             Learn how the gemstones you are drawn to wear as well as the colors of the foods you ingest show you if you need more comfort and love or if you need to be heard.

•             Learn which stones or colors to use to help you get motivated and take action or to motivate you to take more time for contemplation and prayer.

•             Learn to match colors and gemstones with positive thoughts to transform your life! Margaret Ann is extremely intuitive and she will give everyone a message from the Angel Gemstone Oracle!


CHAKRA AWAKENING WORKSHOP: Crystal healer Certification. Bring balance, prosperity, joy, and overall wellness to your life. Use gemstones and crystals to tap into the amazing energy within you. This in-depth and practical workshop gives you the tools to understand, activate and balance the seven main chakras that influence everything from prosperity and self-confidence to communication and intuition. Experience simple techniques with gems, crystals, affirmations and aromatherapy to manifest any goal and create positive change in your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You will also learn some stone identification and how to incorporate gemstones into your daily life.  6 hour event as a certification or shorter versions are available with out offer certifications.







Margaret Ann Lembo Testimonials

  • “Travels and client work, have convinced me the most solid and sparkling of stones are brilliant gateways to transformation, as explained by Margaret Ann with wisdom and practical insight. Your "everything" go-to for crystals!”

    Cyndi Dale, bestselling author of
    The Complete Book of Chakra Healing and Beyond Soul Mates and The Subtle Body

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