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Author Kevin Renner found himself at mid-life with more questions than answers while parenting two pre-teen daughters. So he spent a year interviewing 50 women from around the world and across seven decades to learn the many ways in which their fathers—good, bad, and in-between—had affected their lives.


His book, “In Search of Fatherhood: Daughters Praising, Speaking Up, Talking Back” brings together their stories…and his. Homeless women, the unemployed, and sex workers; a state supreme court justice, executives, and world-class athletes; straight, lesbian, and transgender. These women shared their life stories, their broken hearts, and their gratitude in what has become a fresh and compelling look at fathers and daughters.

Kevin Renner received his social science degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz before beginning his career as a business journalist. Later he completed an MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, where he lived with 600 women and men from around the world at The International House.

A marketing career has taken him through fast-growth startups, successful global companies, and business implosions. His interest in cross-cultural perspectives evolved as his career presented opportunities to work throughout Europe and Asia.

The founder and president of B2B Market Strategies, Kevin divides his time among his family, writing, and his work as a marketing and brand strategist to emerging companies.


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