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James Wanless, Ph.D.

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A former Professor of Political Science in the Middle East with a Ph.D. from Columbia University, James Wanless is the prototypical 21st Century "whole man" as he embraces all parts of himself – he does it all and he sustains.  Wanless IS the message by his creative, productive, healthy, spirited, energetic and renewable lifestyle that he models for others.  He is, indeed, a rare combination of talents as an academic and entrepreneur, visionary and counselor, author and artist, keynote speaker and humorist, futurist and wild green man, soloist and multi-team partner.


      Wanless, himself, is a modern "Green Man," an ancient, archetypal figure representing spring renewal.  His own physical embodiment of these principles for rejuvenation and energy have kept himself amazingly young and fit.  His forthcoming work – "Adventures with Green Man – My Mythic Mentor" – chronicles this ever-greening lifestyle and has taken this wholistic and comprehensive program of "sustain-abilities" into business for leadership and team-building, into churches as a path of inspired living, and into centers of new thought for human evolution.


     As a seeker of spiritual transformation, his journey led him to India, where he contracted a life-threatening disease in India.  Subsequently, Wanless took four years to design a revolutionary deck of illuminating insight cards - the best-selling "Voyager Tarot" – a  multi-cultural map of life and "fortune creation tool."  A symbolic and mythic art masterpiece, the Voyager deck led him to work with companies and organizations teaching and training the power of intuitive thinking for such applications as innovation, communication, decision making and personal growth.  This work birthed his book, "Intuition @ Work" and podcast series, "Intuition Into Action".


       Though primarily a dynamic and engaging educator, James has developed into a popular motivational speaker and coach.  He has conducted thousands of consultations, certified many Voyager practitioners and frequently lectures throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.   He has taught this vehicle of human empowerment throughout the world and has authored companion books, "Way of the Great Oracle," and Book-of-the-Month, "Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century", and online study courses.


 Much of his early professional work with Voyager Tarot, along with his most current work of sustainable living, have become recently popular in Asia where Wanless often teaches throughout Japan, Taiwan and China.


     He resides in Los Angeles and often teams with his longtime companion, Elisa Lodge (Wowza), who is noted for her original work as an expressive arts therapist for ageless vitality and emotional fitness.


  In his presence and with his products and tools, you are inspired, renewed and energized!  For insight, guidance and motivation, James Wanless will take you there.  With his charismatic being, you feel the magic and you are compelled to find your mojo.


  •    RENEWABLE LIFESTYLE: The New Success
  •    THE ECO-NOMIC WAY:  Green Wisdom for Sustainable Growth
  •   SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS: Natural Principles for Renewable Success
  •     YOUBIZ:  You are the Business, You are the Brand, You are the Boss
  •     2013 YEAR OF SYNERGY:  It's All About Energy
  •     SUSTAINABLE SPIRIT: The Path of Life


James Wanless Testimonials

  • "Intuition@Work is great for any company interested in 'outside the box' thinking and practical way to turn them into reality." - Patrick Feher, National Sales Manager, Warner Entertainment Australia

  • "Wanless, in 'Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century, once again demonstrates how symbols can be used to empower human capacities for optimum performance."   - Angeles Arrien, Author of the Four-Fold Way and The Second Half of Life

  • "I was amazed at the insights I received at James Wanless' workshop on Creativity and Intuition." -Corene Davis-Stitt, Ph.D., Director of Training, Delta Net

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