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Bay Area, San Jose, CA, United States
She teaches effortless ease and grace, passionate purpose, personal power, manifesting miracles, transforming trauma into triumph, unleashing your spirit and realizing enlightened relationships.
After abduction and being held, tortured and nearly killed by a drug and human trafficker, Isis Jade embarked upon a spiritual journey to heal herself of complex trauma that took her around the world, metting gurus, monks, masters and shamans of all walks of life.
The truth is, no matter how fast we chase external desires, we cannot escape our vital need for deeper, more fulfilling connections with ourselves, the Divine and one another. We need interdependent relationships in order to heal, grow and thrive. That quality of relationship begins first, within ourselves.
Whether you are struggling with a deep sense of emptiness and aloneness, or you are struggling to heal after trauma or crisis, there is a golden pathway back to fulfillment, healing, forgiveness, passion and love. 
By beginning with transforming relationship to yourself and the Infinite Source of all, you can learn how to manifest miracles that radiates outwards with your spouse, family, collegues, partner, your finances & the rest of the world.
Isis Jade helps people find their golden pathway of enlightened living, ease and grace through obstacles, heal, and find more love, fulfillment and passion than they ever thought possible. Discover your power to transform with The Golden Goddess of Delight.

Isis Jade Testimonials

  • “DELIGHT is full of positive, inspirational thinking and at the same time extremely erudite. Isis writes with such clarity and her beautiful prose takes you on a magical journey.” ~ Satcha K.

  • “Isis is a trustworthy, authentic teacher that I have had a deep pleasure in learning from.” ~ Janet Matsua.

  • “DELIGHT is as lyrical, poetic and alluring as the author. I feel as if I am having a conversation with Isis as I read it. The lessons Isis teaches are instantly and easily applicable, making it so easy for her readers to follow her into a life filled with the promises of bliss, peace, and prosperity.” ~ Chris Stevens, book reviewer

  • "Don’t let Isis fool you for one moment with her joyful demeanor. This woman contains a wealth of wisdom. She’s one of the most accomplished people I have had the pleasure to work with. This is a teacher to leaders. I am endlessly awed by the depth and clarity she brings to any topic. There is no problem too big, no issue she cannot guide you through. Listen to her. Do what she says. She will change your life. She has walked the walk. I’ve learned more from her in one hour than I have in three day intensive retreats. You will not be disappointed."- Brent F. Venture Capitalist

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