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Henry Seltzer has a graduate degree in Linguistics and has studied Computer Science, and attended MIT as an undergraduate, but his real study is Astrology and Tarot. Henry's study of Astrology began with an interest in Jungian psychological symbolism in 1975. He was immediately fascinated by how accurately the planetary patterns reflect individual psychological reality. He believes Astrology is a window from the material world into the spiritual. Because Astrology is based on concrete observable phenomena, and yet makes use of this data in an entirely different way, it forms a bridge between the scientific materialistic world view and that of the Artistic, the Esoteric, and the Spiritual.

Henry began to work within this remarkable field of study, and to share his insights with other people, and in 1985 created the computer program that eventually became TimePassages. His goal was to make generally available the information that Astrology can provide. By making it easier for people to explore their own and other people's charts, or "horoscopes", Henry hoped that anyone could gain greater self-knowledge and also that the world-shaking information that Astrology really does work would spread.

Henry Seltzer Testimonials

  • It's not often that a professional is on the cutting edge of his field but Henry Seltzer is no stranger to breaking new ground in astrology. In this latest contribution, he graces us with pioneering insights on Eris - a dwarf planet that he proves deserves consideration. The pages are filled with well researched chart examples and analysis supporting his archetypal views on how Eris functions in a horoscope. This book deserves space in your mind and on your shelf; Seltzer's contributions on Eris is a definite enhancement to astrological theory. Maria DeSimone www.InsightfulAstrology.com In this cogent study of Eris, Henry Seltzer is doing bold, groundbreaking work on the astrological frontier. I've marveled at the slowness of the astrological community to embrace this new planet despite its being slightly bigger than Pluto. Perhaps that is because these new worlds always represent new, emerging possibilities in consciousness, and thus tend to frighten people. Thank you, Henry, for not being afraid. Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky Mr. Seltzer's book on Eris offers groundbreaking research into the field of astrology. His description of Eris in each of the houses is eye-opening and offers fresh insights into an area of life in which we need to develop the feminine warrior aspect of ourselves as part of our life purpose. Jan Spiller author of Cosmic Love

  • "Just finished reading my Astrology Birth Report by Henry Seltzer and it is by far the best one I have ever seen. Thank you so much, Henry."
    - LMG

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