Emmanuel Ngwainmbi, Ph.D.

Emmanuel Ngwainmbi, Ph.D.

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Norfolk, VA, United States

Emmanuel Ngwainmbi travels throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and parts of the United States speaking in churches, nursing homes, schools, to teachers and government representatives on ways to improve race relations, and how to better co-exist with persons from different backgrounds. He also advises tourists, missionaries and business executives traveling to Africa on ways of coping with the indigenous cultures and social climate.


Prof. Ngwainmbi has been a commentator on Voice of America radio;  BBC-Africa radio; West Africa Democracy Radio, and cable television stations in the US, Europe and Africa.  As a creative social communication strategist, culture management instructor, and motivational speaker for teenagers and adults with relationship problems, Dr. Ngwainmbi has helped academic institutions, civic organizations and intergovernment agencies to apply communication and marketing plans to acquire results. He has received awards in journalism and the social sciences from the Chinese Academy for Social Sciences, and the Family Christian Association of America among others, for his contribution to human development. He has been cited by a Nobel Laureate, a Pulitzer Prize winner, African-American historians, Social Scientists, and Africologists. 


With 35-years experience in teaching and research, he has published 13 books and more than 200 articles in specialized academic journals, magazines, and e-newspapers with some translated into in Mandarin, French, Spanish, Afrikaans, and German.  His latest books include an edited volume titled Communication, Healthcare management and development challenges in developing countries. Published by the Howard University Press, University of Yaoundé Press, University Press of America, University; Roman & Littlefield, Washington Review; Lynne Reiner, Rutledge, Sage, Greenwood,  Malt House, Plain View Press, Brunswick, and among others his writings have been described as “Powerful”, "bring a breath of fresh air”, "intriguing", "mystical", “good riveting imagery".


He is a member of some 12 international professional associations in communication, and he serves on eight Editorial Boards of globally distributed journals in communication, media and ICT.


He tailors his presentations, lectures and workshops according to the group’s request.


“For every single obstacle, there are two solutions. Fix it now because you want peace and joy.”


“A dream may only come once in your life. Reach out and grab it.”


-Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi




Emmanuel Ngwainmbi Testimonials

  • “Ngwainmbi demonstrates how conversation can cure the deepest misconceptions.” - The Charlotte Post

  • "Emmanuel is one of the most cheerful, caring people I know. He is a bright spot and his smile and engaging manner draws people to him and him to others. He has a passion for helping others and wanting to improve the communities around him by drawing people together for a cause."  - Jamie Koch, Past President, Rotary International, Elizabeth City Morning Chapter

  • “Ngwainmbi’s love for children…. is, in part, inspired by his father, a former school superintendent. Ngwainmbi drew inspiration from seeing how his father cared for children who weren’t his own.”

    -The Carolina Weekly

  • “Dr. Ngwainmbi's wide travels and extensive experience make him uniquely qualified to keynote the Sixth African American Caribbean Cultural Arts Conference.”


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