Dr. Katherine T Kelly

Dr. Katherine T Kelly

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Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly is a licensed integrative health psychologist, consultant, and speaker in her own psychotherapy practice.  She holds a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and a Master of Science in Public Health, as well as completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Family and Community Medicine.  She has received specialized training in various spiritual, holistic, and integrative health methods of healing through the Mind-Body Medical Institute of Harvard University and other institutions of higher learning.  Dr. Kelly strives to help others reach a state of "conscious evolution" through a variety of self-designed methods including her "Soul Health Model".  She has received professional service awards in psychology and was named and "Incredible Woman" by a local community television network.  Dr. Kelly offers classes, workshops, seminars, and retreats on various health, wellness, and spiritual topics.

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