Dave Markowitz

Dave Markowitz

Fee Range

Under $2,000

Travels From

Portland, OR


After years of denying his empathic abilities, Dave’s slap-in-the-face moment was when he got drunk without drinking any alcohol. Dave then began attracting clients who'd done lots of spiritual work but hadn't seen improvements using traditional, alternative, or complementary modalities. His own awareness of his empathic abilities cleared the way to better see that his client's pains and illness weren't their own; that their empathic abilities made them an "energetic sponge.” Dave knew he could "squeeze” the "sponge” but also knew that without addressing the underlying causes, all pains and illness would be eventually recreated. He then intuited a 5-step process that helps empaths see their gifts as a blessing and not a curse, and also helps them "give back” what isn't theirs.

Dave has written two peer-acclaimed books, shared the lecture bill with Deepak Chopra, and writes for major magazines. He has a well-followed and highly respected Facebook presence, and is sought by sensitives all over the world for his compassion, knowledge, and ability to work with anyone at any level. Dave helps clients achieve their goals.



I typically talk about empathically transmitted emotional and physical pains and illness and then offer valuable, easily applied and highly tangible steps to prevent the absorption at the root. I then guide attendees in a journey of inner awareness where they can see for themselves that what they’ve been suffering with isn’t theirs, and then guide them through a process to return the unwanted energy to its original source.


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