Candia Sanders

Candia Sanders

Fee Range

Under $2,000

Travels From

Portland, OR

Due to her own accident in ’93, she traveled through many forms of allopathic and alternative healing modalities to reach a place of happiness, health and abundance. It was during this period the healing abilities were opened allowing her the vision to see within the body, energetically assisting the necessary changes for wellness, which can be done in person or at a distance. Time and dedication to the practice has opened doorways of understanding to the incredible connections between the emotions, the meridians, organs, structure, endocrine system, events, memories, stored cellular memories, parallel lifetimes and beliefs. Rebalancing the various aspects then aligns the person with clarity and a focus on conscious behavior. This is Candia’s main target; helping others to open up to their own consciousness.

Candia has studied with: Donna Eden, Dr.John Diamond, Jose Arguelles, Dr.Christine Page, Graham Hancock, Daniel Pinchbeck, John Major Jenkins, Russel Targ, Julia Cameron, Dick Suphten. Candia's experience is her life; she has been actively incorporating information, experience, meditations, visions with others since quite young. In addition to learning from gifted teachers along the way, including animals and nature spirits, her best teachers have been the people she has 'read' and assisted. Candia has been validated innumerable times by the medical profession, trusting the clear information she receives.

She has taught multiple classes and workshops covering topics are broad as 1. Healing Relationships, 2. Stepping Out of Time , 3. Multiple Experiences for Healing, 4. 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, 5. Elementals and Nature Spirits, 6. Portals and Energy Vortexes, 7. Intuition and Passion, 8. Healing with Energy. Candia has offered lectures through Body Mind Spirit Expos since 2004. She had her own radio show from 2004-'08 with Contact Talk Radio and has been on countless radio programs subsequently. She also has created workshops in the Portland Oregon area, drawing upon the vast experience of gifted teachers, to present an overall package of sharing new ideas,philosophies, and tools for transformation.


Candia is exceptionally passionate about her work which is an amalgamation of her journey, teaching information she has learned over the course of her life. Her children’s book, The Adventures of Jack Starr and his Brother Sk , a magical Hawaiian journey, is available. “The ABC’s of Being Human”, is to be published soon. She is actively working on three concept decks on intuition, healing and money, and is writing a book on Soul Rays which incorporates the many principles she teaches in her classes and workshops. Her weekly blogs are informative, funny and spiritually relevant; She can be reached at 360-608-9555. Candia lives in Washington with her family and pets. 

Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency, is available on Amazon.

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