You Can Do It

by JD Messinger

You Can Do It

The Source of Power

You're Funded With A Renewable Resource

What can you do? Anything! That's right, you are incredibly powerful, but the problem is either you don't know it, don't believe it, or cannot figure out exactly how to tap into this power. Remember, power is not force, it is not the willful use of your light to impose on others. Your power is an attractive, magnetic force, motivated to serve others. There is a big difference.

It begins by understanding the source of your power. You see (no pun intended) you are powered by a renewable resource, it is free and unlimited. This free unlimited resource is referred to as energy; some call it light. Light, photons, energy, it's all the same. The light that burns from the sun generated the food that fuels your body, the gasoline in your car, and the natural gas that powers the furnaces in the electric generators.

you-can-do-itLight is power. It's that simple.

Consider that every one of the five hundred billion emails, every television show, radio program, document, song, or photo whizzing around you right now is also light energy. The essence of this email, and the words within it, were converted into binary language (digits, as in 1's and 0's). Those digits represent a frequency. That frequency was converted into a uniquely energized photon, and sent to you via beams of light, and received by a unique identifier; in this case that is your email address.

These words are energy. This energy is in everything, everyone, and everywhere; a scientific fact, and this energy is your spirit. It is more than 99 percent of your physical being. The only part of you that is solid matter, a neutron, cannot even be seen at 100 million times magnification. Wow!

Let's take this one step further, and why I say you can do it—harness your light power and unleash your gifts upon the world.

You Are A Light Being

A Part of The Source

The journey began thousands of years ago with the world's greatest philosophers, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato. They were our first mathematicians and created our system of numbers, calendars, time and alphabet. They believed that our name is no accident, nor our birthday. The combination of these factors represents our unique energy signature. When that unique combination of letters and numbers is entered into a sophisticated software program, it generates a report that tells us everything about who you are; your gifts, challenges, and even the major cycles in your life.

With a sample of thousands, the result is the same. From corporate executive, law enforcement officers, members of parliament, military leaders, Olympians, HR directors, and sales managers...they are amazed. They cannot deny the science or the accuracy of the data staring them in the face. And we are talking 95-98 percent accuracy. I tell everyone, if it doesn't work for you, then you can gladly have your money back.

As a left brained, nuclear engineer, spiritual author, and life coach, I have poked, analyzed, triangulated and evaluated this from every possible angle for over a decade. The results are the same, and I am enthralled, honored, and humbled day after day, when I share this information with my clients. Every week I am honored to receive emails that state how their lives are transformed. And that is the #1 reason I use this method to help you discover your power, your light, and unleash it!

My clients use this information in helping them make life decisions. Some in choosing a career, others in selecting the ideal relationship or understanding the events taking place in their life. The majority of people are feeling a pull, some kind of shift taking place in their life, which typically happens around ages 45 and 55.

These shifts occur during our Heroes Journey—the three act play—that is a part of the mono-myth described by the late Joseph Campbell in A Hero of A Thousand Faces.

What does this have to do with your ability to Do IT? Everything! Absolutely everything!!

Let Your Song Sing

Activate Your Spiritual Stimulus Package

First, when you understand your gifts, talents, and challenges, you get IN FLOW! Attempting to fight the universal forces guiding and directing your life is futile. It will destroy you. On the flip side, when you are in harmony with your gifts, are on your yellow brick road, or understand the lessons and challenges, magic seems to happen! Of course it isn't magic. It is the convergence of science and faith. Relationships blossom, business opportunities materialize in DAYS, yes, DAYS.

It is universal, scientific, and spiritual law. It is the essence of what all the great masters have been telling us for all eternity.

All this is intended to invite you to join me in a 4 part teleseminar program that I am launching beginning Thursday August 7th. The topics addressed in the four part series includes:

  • Module One: The Science and History of numbers, the field of energy
  • Module Two: Your Soul Mosaic, Life Path, Gifts, Core Motivation
  • Module Three: Understanding Lessons and Challenges
  • Module Four: Life Cycles, Major Events, on the Yellow Brick Road

This program includes your full life profiles and personal consultation that is done via telephone or Skype, no matter where you live.

You can read the benefits to participating in my client testimonials. They say it is an inspirational boost, helped them in a career change, improve relationships, or find greater happiness, balance, and peace.

Understanding your purpose and gifts is the first step to getting on your path and is the catalyst that enables you to do it: sing the song you came to sing, write the book, find the ideal job, create or improve your business and more.

In closing I would like to say that working on mindfulness, exercising, praying (to ask), meditating (to receive), are a means to the end, not the end itself. The end game is to discover your purpose, believe in your gifts, find the courage to act, resources to start, and use your power for the ultimate reason for existence—co-creating with the divine. You are a powerful, energetic, light being, born with a dream, a purpose, and a gift. In fact, you have no idea how powerful you are. As soon as you decide, you can do it.

I hope you will join me. If you're not satisfied, you are most welcome to a refund.

With gratitude, JD

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