What is an Imaginization?

By James Phillips

What is an Imaginization?

Imaginization.  So...what is it?

In the temple system of ancient Egypt, cosmic harmony was the model for earthly harmony. Intellectual life was part of the spiritual life; mental life was a reflection of the divine life; and Ascension to higher densities was the highest of ideals to strive for. This holistic philosophy accounted for the variety, complexity, and multiplicity of life, but never implied separation; unity was always present.  To acquire knowledge was to observe the divine at work; all branches of learning were equally divine. All science was incorporated into the highest exaltation of knowledge, the Law of One.

Two types of mediation are particularly useful for the seeker of the One.  The Passive Meditation devoted to emptying of the mind's mental jumble is useful for those who wish to achieve an inner silence to better listen to the Infinite Creator. Active Meditation, on the other hand, was the most important tool of the old Adepts in the temples who practiced releasing the awesome power of their imagination every day of their lives.

Active Meditation requires, first, silence, and second, clarity of mind for you to transcend the duality of this world.  To achieve this clarity of mind, Adepts taught their students that you must nourish the in-dwelling spark of the Divine each day just like the material body requires food and water to survive.  So they invented a powerful mental technique we call an imaginization to help you still the mind and body sufficiently to release the awesome power of your imagination and, with devoted practice, overcome the intense feelings and deeply embedded beliefs that confuse your subconscious mind and prevent you from letting go of old ways of doing and being.

You may not know it but the subconscious mind only recognizes and understands emotion and symbol.  You may desire it be so, believe it to be possible, and visualize it happening, but the problem is that your underlying deepest feelings about what you want are often confused.  If there is a belief in your subconscious mind that there is not enough, that you are not enough, that you do not really deserve what you want, then those beliefs will "bleed" over into the conscious mind and affect your ability to manifest what you wish for.  This is what keeps you locked into old ways of doing and being.

Unfortunately, prayer, affirmations, and other techniques that come from the conscious mind and primarily use only words usually do not work as well as you might wish. Visualizations are much more effective to help your subconscious mind understand exactly what you wish to change.  With our imaginization Album, a box set of 4 CDs devoted to the sacred wisdom of the Egyptian Adepts, you practice holding mental pictures steady to the inward eye long enough to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch these mental pictures as if they were real.  You practice consciously "planting" what you have created into your subconscious mind and releasing your completed imaginization to the universe for action fully anticipating that your desired outcome or ideal life is ready to be manifested for you.

But, before finally releasing your completed imaginization to the universe, there is something else you must do if you sincerely want to let go of old ways of doing and being.  The old Adepts believed that a divine partnership existed between the seen and invisible, between the world of matter and laws of the cosmos, between you and the Infinite Creator.  They knew well that the influx of your higher soul's greater wisdom, guidance and complete self-expression or the "fire from heaven" is necessary to "ignite" your old ways of doing and being and to manifest your desired outcome or ideal life.

Devoted practice of Active Meditation offers you the opportunity to create whatever you truly want – love, fulfillment, satisfying relationships, rewarding career, health, beauty, prosperity, inner peace and harmony, anything your heart desires.  It's the Infinite Creator's loving gift to you and the ancient secret of the Egyptian Adepts to tapping into the natural goodness and bounty of life.

About James Phillips

James Phillips -- speaker, author and co-founder of Living in Truth LLC – is dedicated to making the wisdom of ancient Egypt relevant for today's contemporary audiences and assisting in the birth of a truth-grounded world for us all.  Jim is the creator of the imaginization Album, a box set of 4 CDs comprised of pre-recorded creative visualizations inspired by the sacred wisdom of the old Egyptian Adepts. Jim is also the creator of the Total Relax Album and the Super Study CD Album which use his exclusive Total Mind multi-layered audio guidance system to support listeners in deep relaxation, rejuvenating sleep cycles, power napping, laser-like concentration and other extraordinary states of awareness.

Jim is a graduate of the prestigious Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia and travels extensively presenting the hour long "Living in Truth Lecture: a Gift of Love from Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti" and the three hour "Secrets of the Adepts Workshop".  Please check out www.lit4you.com for more information about his schedule of Lectures and Workshops and the outstanding audio products currently available through Living in Truth.

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