The Simplicity of Creation

by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D

The Simplicity of Creation

How would you feel if someone overheard your every private thought? Or witnessed every private action you made? What if all sense of privacy was suddenly not a possibility and each of us was exposed completely?

It is happening. It has always been happening, just not to this current degree. Creation is aware of and witnessing as well as reacting to everything that we think or do, express, consider, act, react, everything.

With the amount of light that is currently affecting us, it is as if we have stepped into an expansion chamber and everything is directly heard, felt and witnessed by Creation. As this happens, Creation immediately goes about rearranging around the infinite possibilities of how to answer us. It finds the greatest possibility and then brings that to our world.

When we are relaxed in our being, present in the now, and open to what is, and what comes, we are able to recognize Creation’s response to our expressions and act upon them. This takes a certain amount of self awareness. When we deny our very truths by not choosing to be aware we miss our own boat all day long.

Somehow though, in spite of us, we reap the benefits of every now. Sometimes we just don’t realize it but later, longer term, we can see the benefit of every now that we have occupied and how everything we thought, did, expressed, etc. affected everything that we did. On the other hand what we are often not aware of is how beautifully and perfectly this etheric choreography operated in spite of us.

Funny thing how we as human beings developed such egos as to believe we control everything in and around us. Certainly we direct our own show, but on the other hand, infinite forces conspire the outcome in conjunction with our intentions. If we did nothing, we would remain an inert aspect of Creation, barely noticed but still supported. It is our actions and reactions that carry us beyond our comprehensions and exactly to the destinations we have secretly craved. And yet somehow we are amazed and surprised at the outcomes as if they are magical, mysterious, even bizarre, yet in all our innocence we managed to participate in those outcomes.

Plain English? In all of the complexities that are us and are available to us, happening with and within us at any given time, the slightest message to Creation alters the outcomes time and again. It is our free will that allows this to happen, our ability to direct our own show by virtue of self awareness, letting go of resistance, and sending all of our creative messages into Creation from our deepest hearts. In spite of all that I have said above, it remains always that simple.

~ Excerpted from Dr Meg's Online Message, Dec 3rd 2013, Copyright Rev. Dr Meg Blackburn, Spirit Light Resources

Meg Blackburn Ph.D, is a Master Healer, speaker, teacher and author of many bestselling books, including The Children of Now and The Secret History of Consciousness. She is a dually Ordained Minister in both Spiritual Science and Metaphysics, a Ph.D of Holistic Life Coaching and holds a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics.


Along with her upcoming events, Dr Meg is offering her "Touching the Light" Certification Classes.

Dr Meg's upcoming events include:

March 10-21, 2014
Awakening the Spirit Within
Peru, South America

May 9, 2014
Wesak Conference
Mt Shasta, California

June 18-23, 2014
Children of Light Conference
Salt Lake City, UT

July 20-28, 2014
Sacred Sites Visit
England, United Kingdom

For detailed information about the above events and Dr Meg Blackburn's upcoming book, The Children of Now EVOLUTION, visit her Event Calendar.

To book Dr Meg for your upcoming event, visit her Luminary Voices Profile at Luminary Voices - Meg Blackburn, Ph.D.

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