It Takes Just 15%

by Candia Sanders

It Takes Just 15%

Between 15,000 to 13,000 years ago, a series of major geological events began to happen, culminating in the final flooding around 12,000 BCE that forever changed the landscape of North America. It is known as the Great Missoula Flood. Glacial Lake Missoula's ice ruptured, sending a massive wall of water, boulders, trees and debris down the Clark Fork River in Montana, into the Columbia, cascading as far west as the Willamette River in Oregon. It helped carve the amazing canyon we know as the Columbia Gorge. It reached the geological tipping point of catalytic transformation.

The floods are a wonderful analogy to the tipping point in consciousness, the place where change on a massive scale happens. When copious energy is focused and grouped together, things begin to shift. When enough people are awakened, conscientious, involved and aware, change accelerates dramatically. In terms of business it's "the law of diffusion and innovation." Something - being ideas, products, philosophies etc, must hit 15% of the population's mass consciousness for things to achieve success and or change beliefs. It's called "crossing the chasm," as Jeffery Moore says, reaching this percentage for things to steamroll.

Combine this with the concept or ideology of "the secret". This concept focuses our attention on specific ideas, philosophies, beliefs and goals. When our focus is precision-cut, and we believe it possible, we have the ability to manifest. Again, this is likened to the "tipping point" and "the law of diffusion and innovation." Razor sharp focus - gathering like-minds to spark the "law of diffusion and innovation" amplified by "the secret's" concentration and belief - then provides opportunity for global change.

Bringing it down to the personal level, it is far too easy to see our world as a "glass half empty" planet. The political chaos, social inequities, war on this issue and that, a possible escalating war with Russia, you name it, it's negative. Just thinking about the 535 members of a very ineffectual Congress makes me testy. All you have to do is turn on the news and watch the nonsense. It is very easy to focus on the negatives. However, -and this is the big however, what if we could connect with 15% of the population and think major transformative positive thoughts:

  1. The Congress is extremely effectual, rising to a high level of integrity both in country and globally.
  2. The hole in the ozone layer is shrinking to its most perfect size. I have actually read it's always been there; it allows higher frequency transmissions to enter our atmosphere.
  3. Positive Agriculture is here to stay; healthy organic products will be the mainstay globally.
  4. Water is pure, rich in minerals and safe for all.
  5. Animals are no longer homeless because people care and are responsible.
  6. People live happy, healthy, and responsible lives.
  7. Etc. Etc.

Okay, you get the idea. So pass it on, this positive thinking, group-consciousness network of powerful, earth-changing, change-the-status-quo, "law of innovation and diffusion" coupled with bullseye focus and belief, radical Missoula Floods thinking.

We just need to hit 15%. That's doable!

Let's dare ourselves to make a difference. No, make that double-dare!

Cosmic sunshine to you.  

Candia-Sanders-Soul-RaysCandia Sanders is a Medical Intuitive, Speaker and Author of several books including soon to be published The ABC's of Being Human and Soul Rays.  She has studied under some of the most well known Energy Healers of our time, including Donna Eden, and has taught multiple classes and workshops covering a broad range of topics.  Her work has been validated innumerable times by the medical profession, and her main objective is in helping others to open up to their own consciousness.

Candia's upcoming events include:

March 10, 2014, 7pm PST
Live on Odyssey Radio

April 5-6, 2014
Body Mind Spirit Expo
Portland, Oregon

April 12, 2014
"Vibrational Medicine for Pets and People"
NW Pet and Companion Fair
Portland, Oregon

April 13, 2014
"Learn to Dance in your Soul's RAYdiance"
Awakenings Bookstore
Battleground, Washington

For detailed information about the above events, visit Candia Sander's Events Calendar.

To book Candia for your upcoming event, visit her Luminary Voices Profile at Luminary Voices - Candia Sanders.

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