Incredible: The Happiest Place on Earth Gets Happier

by Holly Duckworth

Incredible: The Happiest Place on Earth Gets Happier

What do you get when you bring together:  The Happiest Place On Earth, 300 soul-filled Centers for Spiritual Living practitioners and leaders, then throw in Austin Vickers, producer of the film People vs. State of Illusion, Jean Houston, and sprinkle it with a little pixie dust?

Answer – One big, huge, giant, Week of Wonder (WOW)!

As light communicators in our world, you know the power of peace, joy, love and connection.  You may have experienced what happens when you bring a community of like-minded people together.  From the business meeting to the PTA, or simply your family around the dinner table, you choose to build a conscious love filled experience.  

Multiply that by 100 and you might feel what I felt as I experienced my first Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) convention.  Convention is a time for those who to serve the movement to be rejuvenated, to share ideas and be educated on what peers in other centers are becoming.

Luminary Voices and those who follow them are dedicated to living lives of continual education and finding ways to share that education with others.  This convention inspired many types of education from hallway chats, to workshops, formal keynotes each night and a growing presence on social media.  Follow the tweet stream at #cslwow.  See our Storify of the week at http://sfy.co/rPfE.

CSL WOW was about connection, global connections.  It was a rainbow of light to look around the room and see fellow spiritual beings from Mexico, Trinidad, Canada, and around the US. Attending conventions can remind you, you are a part of something bigger.  It inspires your spiritual prayer work, your reading, the products and services you purchase and even your travel.  CSL convention was host to a bookstore, vendors, and even a choir courtyard.

Holly-Duckworth-CSL-Convention-2Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse, CSL President, reminded us of the vision of Centers for Spiritual Living, “Build a world that works for everyone”, as he asked some of the movement's most educated, connected and inspired leadership how we would know if we attained our vision.  He challenged us to “go as deep as you can with your individual practice and build a world that works for you.  Only from that place can we build a world that works for all.”

Each participant walked away with the wisdom of Austin Vickers, the stories and passion of Jean Houston and Faith, Trust, and a little pixie dust.


Each and every session of our 2014 CSL convention convened as our services do - steeped in affirmative prayer.  

Nine months ago I took a risk and submitted my session "Volunteer Victories: How To Attract Volunteers Into Your CSL Community".  A few months later I was overcome with joy when I learned I had been selected to participate in the conference. As the only non-practitioner, non-clergy on the program, it was truly a gift.

If you are interested in the slides and handouts I am happy to share them at www.leadershipsolutionsintl.com/cslwow.

In all things we receive and give with gratitude.  This week for me can be summed up with this word phrase:

G - Give of yourself
R – Respond with love
A – Authenticity in you will always shine
T – Trust yourself and your community to provide
I – Inspire others to their greatness and you will find yours
T – Thankful for every opportunity
U – United as joy, peace, and love will prevail
D – Declare your truth with grace and compassion
E – Evolution of our Planet depends on us

I am a changed practitioner of science of mind as a result of a week of prayer, visioning, singing, listening and participating in this community. I know a deeper peace, a greater joy and believe even more all things are possible.

Mark your calendar now for the Centers For Spiritual Living, 2015 Spiritual Living Convention, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, February 16–20, 2015! 

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, is CEO of Leadership Solutions International, speaker, facilitator, author and blogger.  Holly invites leaders to their highest and best through visioning and co-creation. She uses volunteerism, technology and spirituality as powerful platforms for change.  Holly is where leadership, technology and authentic spirituality converge.  

To bring Holly to your organization visit her Luminary Voices Profile at Luminary Voices - Holly Duckworth.

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