Gifting the World as We Age

By John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min

Gifting the World as We Age

Having published three books on the spirituality of aging in recent years (The Three Secrets of Aging, Bedtime Stories for Elders, and What Aging Men Want) I have the great pleasure to announce that I've been asked to present two workshops at the upcoming Sage-ing International conference "Gifting the World as We Age" at Seattle University, August 21-24, 2014.

Sage-ing (also sometimes called conscious aging, positive aging, vital aging, spiritual eldering and active aging) is a way of living the second half of our lives that is joyful, fulfilling and meaningful. Sage-ing involves personal and spiritual growth, making deeper connections with our friends and family, developing new passions and giving back through service to others.

Sage-ing means living our later years creatively and with purpose; it means harvesting the accumulated wisdom of our years and sharing it with the next generation. Sage-ing means enriching the lives of others as we expand our own. In the words of Sage-ing's founder Reb Zalman, "Sage-ing is a program of spiritual growth that can empower you to add more years to your life and more life to your years!"

Here's a brief overview of my two thought-provoking and engaging workshops in this series.

1. Initiation, Transformation and Revelation: The Spirituality of Aging: At this moment in human history, science, medicine and nutrition have opened an entirely new stage of human life. Three powerful psychological/spiritual forces inform this new stage: initiation, transformation and revelation.Engaging these forces can result in unprecedented developmental tasks, gifts and growth potentials that will change our lives if we take the time to understand them. As pioneers of a new consciousness, we may even change the course of human history, culture and evolution.

2. What Aging Men Want: Social and career pressures often require a man to battle for personal, vocational and financial success over the years, losing touch with his authentic self, family and love relationships. In this workshop, the presenters will share their own journeys from warrior to elder, lover, and sage, and draw from the profound symbolism of Homer's Odyssey to describe the struggles men face returning from the war of life, including early mistakes, growth challenges, obstacles to loving.

Please help me share this information and consider joining me there. You can learn more at
http://sage-ing.org and www.johnrobinson.org

John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min

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