Dealing with Resistance and Non-Believers

by JD Messinger

Dealing with Resistance and Non-Believers

It is important to realize that we are each on a journey, and that journey is to discover our own truth.

Not everyone is at the same place, and we all are challenged with faulty, limited and outdated programs (FLOPs) that are created by our mind and stored in our cells.  

11-Days-In-MayWhenever one of these are challenged, as described in [my book] 11 Days in May, we are first confused because we are facing information before our eyes and ears that is inconsistent with a belief.  If that belief is a big old FLOP, it cannot be removed by arguing. In fact, the more we try to argue a case, the more fear, resentment and anger one might face.  

Regardless of whether or not you are dealing with political, social or spiritual resistance, I believe these tips might help:

  1. Respect all paths. It is our diversity that makes us strong and every opinion is worth listening to.
  2. If you are confronted, ridiculed, challenged or chastised, keep it personal and politely respect their opinion but share your personal story and how it affected you in your life. If the person does not respect your right to share your experience, I suggest you stop right there and wish them a happy day.
  3. Ask questions and don't make statements, assumptions or judgments. When we ask open ended questions, the guard and defenses go down.
  4. Distinguish facts from supposition and speculation.  Before sharing facts, be sure that the other party cares.
  5. Share benefits to understanding. Most people are more receptive to having a discussion and sharing information if they can see a benefit to it.
  6. Share how they can become more informed or actions they can take that might empower them!
  7. Timing is everything. Bedtime, Monday morning, Friday or Saturday evening, or the Christmas party is probably not the right time to begin a deep discussion on the nature of life, living, or reality. And it is never a really good time to talk about politics, sex or religion unless the setting, timing and expectations are set and aligned.
  8. Tidbits are risky whereas emerson is really helpful. If you're talking something sensitive like an NDE, angels, souls, past lives, or volatile issues such as how fluoride and GMO are poisoning the air and water, or the Federal reserve is not a public entity, or how the left (or right) is destroying the country, it is best to not drop snippets but rather have information and facts ready to reference.
  9. Be prepared for the recovery. If all else fails, fall back to an apology and just stop, sense and feel into the situation and acknowledge that it just went wrong. It doesn't affect the relationship and cordially agree to disagree.
  10. If it's boiled down to an emotional slug fest, consider this: you have tapped a nerve. That nerve is based on a painful memory, experience, or belief that is what Dr. Phil would call a Tape, or what I refer to as a FLOP. The more violent the response, the greater the anger, resentment, or hatred--that means there is some great fear inside them. If at all possible, try to turn yourself into a compassionate, loving, forgiving and tender soul--in other words, send them love. Give them a hug. If you truly send this love and compassion from your heart (not your head) they will feel it. And, it is quite possible they will break down crying.

~ Excerpted from OMG Thank you! Dealing with Resistance and Non-Believers. Copyright 2005-14, The Messinger Group LLC.

JD-Messinger-1JD Messinger has figured out a secret that others struggle to define, let alone implement.  No matter what field or application, JD has proven time and time again through no less than four world first innovations and eight global transformations, that there is a simple formula to make magic happen. It is a combination of science, faith, leadership and understanding the underlying principles of our human and spiritual essence.

JD's upcoming events include:

Saturday, March 1, 2014
Converging Mind and Source
Infinity Foundation
Highland Park, Illinois

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
If You Believe It, You Can Do It
Little Napoli Italian Restaurant and Bar
Houston, Texas

Saturday, March 29, 2014
11 Powerful Techniques to Reclaim Your Power
Setauket Neighborhood House
East Setauket, New York

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Discover Your Soul Path and Reclaim Your Power
Bridgehampton, New York

For detailed information about the above events, visit JD's Event Calendar.

To book JD for your upcoming event, visit his Luminary Voices Profile at Luminary Voices - JD Messinger.


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