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New CD Release from Jonathan Goldman

Merkaba of Sound

New CD Release from Jonathan Goldman

Over 10 Years in the making, Jonathan Goldman has released one of the most advanced Sonic Tools for the activation and enhancement of consciousness! MERKABA OF SOUND weaves a spiraling vortex of inter-dimensional Phi Sonics featuring a masterful blend of the Divine Name chanting and toning of Healing Sounds Pioneer Jonathan Goldman with the Deep Voice intonations of Master Tibetan chanter, Lama Tashi.

The word "Merkaba" is an ancient mid-eastern term--found in both the Hebrew and Egyptian traditions--referring to a vehicle of inter-dimensional travel for body, mind and spirit. MERKABA OF SOUND transmits these ancient energies to the modern world via an enchanting tapestry of sacred sounds all harmonized in the Phi ratio.

This landmark recording sings with a rich alchemy of vibrations that will enhance ascension to new levels of being. Take a journey to the outer reaches of Inner Vision with Merkaba of Sound!


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Positive Music Association Alliance

Positive Music Association Alliance

Luminary Voices is delighted to welcome The Positive Music Association (PMA) into our circle of strategic alliances. The PMA is an international organization dedicated to promoting Positive music artists, and Positive music as a distinct category of music. Positive music is defined as lyric-based music with universal, life-affirming messages. It’s music for personal and social change. Founded in 2003, the Positive Music Association has some 400 members from a dozen countries, and is led by Scott Johnson from Boulder, Colorado.

The PMA also encourages its members to do something good with their music in their own communities and in the world. Examples include a Top Ten song on the Billboard Dance Charts promoting world peace; special CDs created to raise awareness of Hospice, autism, and poverty; singing for orphans in Bali and schoolchildren in India; and performing benefit concerts from Vancouver to New York City. The PMA also encourages cooperation and collaboration, not competition, among its members.

Listen to music samples of some of their wonderful members on their website:


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Cynthia Black of Beyond Words Passes

Cynthia Black of Beyond Words Passes

We send our condolences to the whole Beyond Words family, whose president and editor in chief, Cynthia Black, passed away in Hawaii at the age of 61. Her exhuberance for life, as she dealt with cancer for the past few years, was beautiful to see.


Active in developing and promoting the importance of spiritual lifestyles and global wisdom for the past 25 years, Cynthia was the recipient of Advertising Age Magazine's 2007 Entertainment Marketer of the Year award as well as one of Independent Publisher's Ten Outstanding Women of Independent Publishing award in 2006. She was the co-author of Spiritual Writing: From Inspiration to Publication, and editor of two anthologies by mature women writers, Our Turn, Our Time and Mid-Life Clarity. Her perspectives on publishing have been featured in Publishers Weekly, The New York Times, The Oregonian and The Costco Connection.


Perhaps best known for her work as the editor of blockbuster The Secret, Cynthia worked on more than three hundred books in her lifetime, including Messages from Water by Masaru Emoto.  Her perseverance, vision and humor led to a partnership with Atria Books/Simon & Schuster, and helped Beyond Words become one of the greatest publishing houses in the self-discovery genre.

We celebrate her life and her legacy.


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19th Annual International Healing Sounds Intensive

9 Days with Chant Master Jonathan Goldman

19th Annual International Healing Sounds Intensive

Jonathan Goldman is an authority on Sound Healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Author of the book Healing Sounds, he is director of the Sound Healers Association and president of Spirit Music. Jonathan was named as one of Watkin’s Reviews “100 Most Spiritually Influential People on the Planet” in 2011.

The 9-day Healing Sounds Intensive  is a step by step process of learning to use sound for vibrational patterning and alignment. It will take place at the Sunrise Ranch Conference Center in Loveland, CO. This is an opportunity to learn how to use your own sounds for self-transformation and healing, and how to focalize group exercises with sound that will assist with personal and planetary activation. This program is given once a year. There is no training like this on the planet. You will experience individual and group activities to create frequency shifts that will forever transform you.

For more information and to register go to

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Thought Leadership: Applying Spiritual Principles to Save Your Business & America

 Thought Leadership: Applying Spiritual Principles to Save Your Business & America

Everyone feels it but few can define it. There is a great shift transpiring, and JD Messinger defines it as a transition from the Old World Mosaic to the New World Mosaic. The focus of this thought leadership event is to discuss the trends, issues and solutions and what everyone, particularly professionals, can and should do about it. In short, we must revive values and virtues, restore purpose and meaning, and create a new way forward based on ageless principles that made us great.

JD will weave the discussion around five relevant themes:

  • The situation and complications facing America and the world
  • How moral leadership will save us
  • Why you need a crisis manager to lead the way
  • How executives can achieve the vantage point through expanded awareness
  • Why you must innovate to survive and thrive

JD Messinger is a four time world first innovator, award winning and #1 Amazon best selling author of 11 Days in May: The Conversation That Will Change Your Life. JD is a rare combination of CEO, scientist, submariner and visionary. A Distinguished Graduate from Annapolis, award winning, best selling author, speaker and advisor to presidents and CEOs on five continents.

This workshop will be held at Wainwright House, 260 Stuyvesant Avenue, Rye, New York 10580 on Sunday October 6, 2013, 1 PM - 4:00 PM ET, 914-967-6080.

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Self-Care for the Self-Aware

A Video-Call Experience

Self-Care for the Self-Aware

 Dave Markowitz, noted empath and energy healer and author of Healing With Source offers a global Video Training Call on Saturday, October 19, 2013.

At this 2-hour workshop, you’ll dive deep into the true underlying cause of your condition or challenging life circumstance. You’ll learn a channeled 5-step process specific to the self-aware who are still dealing with lethargy, lack of focus, or emotional or physical pains and illness.

Through our own whole person healing and our own spiritual growth, we can better attain what our soul is calling us to do and be, and better help others on their journey.

Volunteers will have an experience in awareness and release of the underlying cause on-the-spot that can lead to a permanent elimination of symptoms.

Saturday, October 19, 2013
9am to 11am PDT, Worldwide via Skype

Limited to just 9 attendees.

Only $20 with advance registration here;
$30 the same week

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Ride Your Wave/Avoid Tsunami


Ride Your Wave/Avoid Tsunami


By James Wanless

Here I was in tsunami country, Japan, and as I walked along the corridor of the International Center where I was teaching, I noticed a large weaving on the wall whose warp and woof looked like ocean swells.  My stomach, like a wave, rolled over and I felt nauseous anxiety.  I still do even as I write this.  For me, it's some kind of primal fear of facing a giant wave, maybe because I often body surf in the ocean.  At a deep level, however, we all fear death by drowning, of being swept away into the endless vacant sea.


A tsunami is a terrifying metaphor for feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for some kind of disaster, whether it's going under financially or being crushed by a divorce or death.  The question is, "how do we prepare for a calamity?"  


We prepare, first, by not engaging in "catastrophic thinking," which I do sometimes in the middle of night waking up to the thought of no work and no paycheck.  To do this, remember that everything in life, every phenomenon, every thought, every sensation, every event, every every has a vibration and is thus a wave.  Life is one big, beyond-measure wave within waves within waves that are forever moving and changing, building, crashing and reforming.  Like an adept surfer who adroitly negotiates the swells and chop,  choose your wave to ride.  You do not need to keep riding waves of worry, waves of anger, waves of hopelessness.  You are not your thought-waves.   Mindful of these waves fabricated by your mind, just get off the wave you don't like and find another that makes you feel good. 


The art of surfing is a particularly appropriate 21st century skill because of the speed, complexity and uncertainty of life's incessant waves of change.  Like a surfer, keep your mental and emotional balance, which can be enhanced by mindful meditation in which you learn to be aware of the waves of feelings, sensations and thoughts within you.  With this awareness, you have the power to choose to get on or off any wave. 


Managing your own wave-selection keeps you on your surfboard, which is your lifesaver. Tether yourself to the board by not going overboard with either paralytic fear or out of this world, ecstasy. 


Surfing life, however, is not just playing it safe and finding only a few easy waves to ride.  It's about jumping into the ocean of emotion and riding the big wave that turns you on and takes into the beach for a well-deserved cold one with loved ones.  To sustain in this changing world, it takes energy.  Once you've chosen your wave, let it take you.  The universe, being one boffo wave of waves, will carry you and sustain you.  This all translates into "do what you love and love what you do."  That's your big wave. 

To find your wave, keep riding waves and new waves.  Wave riding gives you the imperative life-skills of discernment, balance, adapt-ability. and change-ability.  Make riding waves a habit and then when you know your big wave you will be ready.  This sustainable way of life transforms your worst tsunami nightmares into the most exhilarating, joyous and longest ride ever.  

To sustain on, surf on.


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Editorial Guidelines for the Luminary Voices Blog

Thank you for contributing to Luminary Voices’ blog!

The ultimate goal of our blog is to feature articles from current members of Luminary Voices. You’re a speaker, author, performer, or sound healer, yet one thing is for sure, you have an amazing voice that is begging to be heard in many mediums. Our blog is another aspect of our mission to share your messages with the world!

The article you submit will be looked over by one of our editors, but we strive to honor your voice and insights with care and thoughtful consideration. In laymans terms, we want to keep your voice in your words!

Here are Luminary Voices’ guidelines for publication on our site:

  1. Strive for original work. Do you have a blog that has already been published on your site? Would you consider re-working it slightly for our blog? SEO is important and the more original the content, the higher chance it has of being seen and shared.
  2. Article length. There’s flexibility here. Articles should be at least 300 words and no more than 1000 words. Content is key, so be sure to be clear in your message. We’re here to help through the editing process, to ensure you are being communicated with clarity – represented credibly, with a high-level of integrity!
  3. Formatting. The following will help the readability of your articles:
    1. Please submit articles via email in a Word document, or in the body of your email, and send to Please be sure to add 'Luminary Voices - BLOG' in the title of your email.
    2. Embrace white space! Use short sentences. Most online readers are skimmers.
    3. Add subheads. Break your sections using bold subheads. Creative subheads lure readers to read your copy!
    4. Highlight key text. Please bold, or italicize key points you are trying to make.
    5. Link sources. When you refer to a name, a company or a quote, include a link to the source, so readers can learn more.
  4. Include your bio and headshot. Make sure to include a short bio, along with the best way to connect with you online (website, email, etc.).
  5. Visual cues are powerful! If applicable, include a photo that corresponds with your article.

If you are not yet a member of our site, and you are interested in knowing more, feel free to email us at, or call us at 971-333-0584.

We look forward to being of service!


The Luminary Voices Team

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Welcome to Luminary Voices!

We are so excited about this new service, because Luminary Voices meets a need for a conscious speakers bureau that we have recognized for a long time. We are taking it further by including heart-centered musicians and singer-songwriters who often perform and speak at the same events as the authors and spiritual teachers.

From my years as a publisher in print and online, I know how much heart and soul are poured into books, films and albums.I also understand the challenges  of making a living doing what you love, and that workshops and events are a significant part of that equation. That's why we are complementing the reviews, interviews and more that we do on our sister site, New Consciousness Review to promote those titles, with a speakers bureau to promote the people. 

Our focus is on presenting the art and wisdom of passionate agents of positive change. Each member displays his or her talent on a profile page, plus selections of audio and video content. We will also be broadcasting webcasts of talks and performances from these luminaries throughout the year. Please browse through the site and let us know what you think. It is still in a formative state, so if you think of anything you would like us to add or change, we'd love to know! 

Luminary Voices is dedicated to oneness and to coming together in communities of seekers. Open your homes and your spirits to the messages and the messengers of the awakening consciousness. You'll find some of the finest in these pages.

--Miriam Knight

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