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Healthily Dealing with the Gift of Empathy

by Dave Markowitz

Healthily Dealing with the Gift of Empathy

You know when the Universe sends you a message repeatedly and from multiple sources?

Of course you do.

I had been told that I’m an Empath by many people over many years, but it wasn’t until I was fed a bite of a reality sandwich that I finally got it.

I was invited to a friend of a friend’s birthday party that consisted of going to seven bars in seven hours on a party bus. And, at the end of the night I was drunk. Not uncommon, right?  Well, except that I hadn’t drunk anything but water the entire evening!

Bear in mind, I hadn’t drunk alcohol in years, in fact, I pretty much avoided the bar scene for a long time. I wasn’t even sure of the specific why of it all, but now it’s all pretty clear. My intuitive and empathic skills made for a rather unpleasant experience most of the time. Oftentimes in group settings, I found myself getting drained.

Sound familiar?

Most of us were never taught how to healthily deal with the gift of empathy. We had to unconsciously devise systems to make given situations more bearable. What we often still don’t know is how those same patterns were blocking us from having what we wanted and experiencing life on a deep, connected level. In fact, those same patterns can make us sick.

I’ve dedicated this portion of my life to sharing with you exactly how to break that pattern and how to open to the gifts of Source, to transform illness into vitality, and mystery into clarity. 

~ Excerpted from It All Started...Copyright ©2005-2014 Dave Markowitz

Healing-With-Source-Dave-MarkowitzDave Markowitz specializes in working with the Self-Aware. He helps empathic people heal illness and protect themselves from negative energies. Dave has shared the lecture bill with Deepak Chopra, and his books, Healing with Source and Self-Care for the Self-Aware, are peer-acclaimed and rank in the top 20 of their category.  He writes for major magazines and is highy sought by sensitives all over the world for his compassion, knowledge, and ability to work with anyone at any level.

Self-Care-For-The-Self-Aware-Dave-MarkowitzDave's upcoming events include:

Friday, February 28, 2014
Self Care for the Self-Aware: The Lecture
Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces
Portland, Oregon

Friday & Saturday, March 7-8, 2014
Private Sessions
East West Book Store
Seattle, Washington

Friday, March 28, 2014
Self Care for the Self-Aware: The Experience
NYC Six Sensory Group
New York City

Saturday & Sunday, April 5-6, 2014
Body Mind Spirit Expo
Portland, Oregon

For detailed information about the above events, visit Dave's Event Calendar.

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All You Need is Love

by Sonja Grace

All You Need is Love

I worked with a woman who asked me what my spiritual advice was for dealing with difficult and disrespectful neighbors.  I suggested that she love them and that she allow her love to fill her auric field and protect her as well as forgive them.  She had a huge reaction and came headfirst into all of her resistance saying that these people do not deserve her love and that it was disrespectful her for me to suggest such a thing.  

I smiled and told her that love is the most powerful energy we can experience.  When we live in our upset and outrage with other people's behavior, we are a vibrational match for that energy.  When we hold that place of love deep within our soul no matter how cruel or disrespectful they are, we are in fact transcending the moment and we are protecting ourselves.  There is no amount of negative energy that can permeate a state of love.

I explained we can have healthy boundaries and recognize the dysfunction but protect ourselves in a way that keeps our energy high. I gave her a really big hug and told her how much I loved her and encourage her to feel the love deep within herself and allow that to be her protection.  

This is something we can all practice, for the reality of not seeing eye to eye with everyone remains a glaring point around the world. Tolerance is mandatory but certainly not embraced even in our own families.

By holding your energy in a state of love you become a vibrational match for that energy. If you are bullying others or the recipient of being bullied you are in a cycle created by emotional woundings. These cycles keep repeating throughout our lives with the same emotional song.

The hard part is getting past the pain and indignation that we feel when we have been belittled or wronged.  Allowing yourself to have your feelings, process them and release is the best way to keep things moving. When we stop this process we tend to store the upset in our bodies and create illness. We can feel upset or angry and process and release these feelings without emotionally hurting others.  

The inner child wants to step up front and get his or her needs met no matter what the cost. Drama and upset contribute to creating dysfunction across the board.  

Look into your own feelings and stay true to them. We can create authenticity through our honesty with ourselves. Love yourself as much as you love your family, friends and pets. Then practice loving everyone around the world that much and more. It is the state of love that nurtures us, protects us and expands our awareness. It is a win win all the way around this sacred Earth.

~ Sonja Grace


For over thirty years, author and Mystic Healer, Sonja Grace has been offering her clients, both in the United States and abroad, immediate stability, clarity, and guidance. Through her healing, counseling and spiritual processing, Sonja has a wide variety of talent to choose from in which she accesses her ability to channel and communicate with the divine. Her books, Angels in the 21st Century, and Earth Ways Healing Medicine for the Soul, provide a pathway to the four seasons through prayer and ceremony. Earth Ways is a companion to the film presentation Earth Ways Series

Sonja's upcoming events:

March 1, 2014
The Beginning: Experience the Divine!
Joshua Tree Retreat

May 9-11, 2014
Hawaiian Meditation Retreat
Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu 

October 9-12, 2014
Healing Meditation Retreat
Joshua Tree Retreat  

December 17-21, 2014
Healing Meditation Retreat 
Majorca, Spain 

For detailed information about the above retreats, visits Sonja's Event Calendar.

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Don’t Wait! Take Your Leap Now!

by Ronna Prince

Don’t Wait! Take Your Leap Now!

LEAP! Do not wait for everything to be perfectly prepared or arranged before taking a big leap in a new direction in life or in starting a new project. When a creative vision emerges from your heart and soul, know that it is divinely inspired and as such, will also be divinely guided.

I have found that each time my heart was afire with passion for something new, it was truly aligned with a higher purpose. I call these heart confirmations. Because when my heart is in alignment with my soul, the confirmation is so powerful that I feel it on every level of my being. What’s the feeling? A big “yes”, that tingles from head to toe. When this happens, I leap and while leaping, curiously wonder, what will happen next? Because I know something magical is in the works.

Each time I follow these heart confirmations, a new plan or idea takes me in a direction that I could not have imagined. I was led to amazing synchronicities that connected me to the people, places and circumstances that were there just waiting for me to arrive! If I’d sat around analyzing in my head, rather than following my heart, I would have missed so many opportunities!

I’ve had plenty of practice at taking the leap because one of my major life lessons is learning to trust. Learning to trust is a common lesson, but can be especially challenging for people with backgrounds like me of childhood abuse. Now, with decades of experience behind me, I realized that I brought in this lesson of trusting so that I could learn to take the leap without fear. I risked doing things that most would never try if they stayed in their head and analyzed all the pros and cons.

For example, I left a successful career in finance and decided to offer my services as an intuitive counselor. If I’d listened to my head and those around me, I would have kept up my job search and most likely have found another job as a banker. Or I would have written a book about the journey to healing through the heart, instead of making a movie about it. And a movie is a much bigger project. One that involved so many, many people that came together to contribute their message of forgiveness, healing and practical steps to heart-based living in the film.

I’ve since learned about the amazing power of the human heart, both physiological as well as metaphysical in making my film. What we’ve intuited all along, that the heart is where the action is, is really true. I’ve taken many leaps in my life, but the most rewarding of all, was the free fall into my own heart, trusting that I am truly guided, safe and connected.

Don’t wait! Take your leap now! 

~ Ronna Prince

copyright, Beyond AZ Living Light,

Ronna's upcoming appearances:

February 28-March 3, 2014
"Sacred Journey of the Heart" Film Screening and Workshop
Unity of Des Moines
Des Moines, Idaho


March 28-29, 2014
"Sacred Journey of the Heart" Film Screening and Workshop
Center for Spiritual Living
Colorado Springs, Colorado

April 24-26, 2014
"Finding the Gift in Shift" Retreat
Sedona Creative Life Center
Sedona, Arizona

To book Ronna Prince for your upcoming event, see her profile at Luminary Voices - Ronna Prince.


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Breaking through Resistance

by Richard Shulman

Breaking through Resistance

So many times, after one of my concerts, someone comes up and says, “I wish I could play music like that!” The story usually goes like this: “I took piano lessons when I was a kid, but I didn’t think I was very good, so I quit” or, “I can read music from a book, but I’m afraid to improvise.”

At this point I wish I had an easy way to say what needs to be said like, “Follow your Joy” or “Let your love for music lead you and teach you.” These statements are true for those who ‘can hear’, but the fact of the matter is that resistance often comes up in us whenever we move towards fulfilling our dreams.

We can see it in ourselves in the form of thoughts like “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough,” “I can’t afford it (don’t have time),” “people will be jealous (won’t like me etc.)” or any of the thousands of reasons we grab onto when we start to get uncomfortable.

The trick is, just on the other side of uncomfortable is a new level of ability. Let me tell you a story.

As a kid, I had some musical talent and a teacher who really loved music. I managed to hack my way through the usual classical literature for kids, loving the music but not really ‘doing it justice’. By the time I was a sophomore in college the love for music was getting stronger. I took an audition for admission to the Eastman School Of Music. Mr. Easley, the admissions officer told me I wasn’t serious enough and I should try another school. He told me that even a good student would take more than a year to be admitted at my level. He would, however, allow me to study piano in the secondary school department.

How grateful I am now for his honesty! I got so angry at Mr. Easley that I decided to go for it anyway.

So I took the lessons, determined to succeed. Every day I went to the practice rooms, closed the door and faced an out of tune piano and my resistance. It wasn’t so bad, the music was lovely but I just couldn’t play it!

Each time I would sit down and play through the music as best I could, enjoying myself until I got to a hard spot. As soon as I started to really work on getting that spot right, I would suddenly feel anxious and just have to run out of the room to get a drink of water. Gradually I learned to come right back and work on the trouble spot.

After a while when I jumped up to run away I was able to stop at the door. It became funny when I was able to just run around the piano bench. Soon after that I could simply jump up and sit down. Finally, as I learned to stay with it, I began to be able to feel the resistance and still work on the music at the same time.

Resistance is the border patrol of who we think we are. As we meet resistance we see the limitations we have accepted about ourselves. Resistance can be harnessed. Once we learn to recognize it, we can remain open to the feeling, and move through it to a wider perspective.

This sounds simple and doesn’t always feel easy. To break through resistance we have to love our goal more than what we would cling onto.

So I say to you, my fellow dreamers, ‘Love your dreams, follow your Joy, stay with that which will make you grow’. For love is more powerful than resistance. (If we choose it.) 

~ Richard Shulman

Excerpted from Breaking through Resistance, copyright 2013, RichHeart Music

Upcoming Appearances:

Every Sunday, 11:00 am
Center for Spiritual Living
Asheville, North Carolina

Saturday, March 1 and 15, 2014
Sonny Thornton Trio at the Coal Fire Bistro
Greenville, South Carolina

Saturday & Sunday, March 22-23, 2014
"Open Your Heart & Mind to the Gift You Are" Seminar
Circle of Miracles Church
New Britain, Pennsylvania

Monday, March 24, 2014
"The Bliss of Being" Concert
Circle of Miracles Church
New Britain Pennsylvania

To book Richard Shulman for your upcoming event, see his profile at Luminary Voices - Richard Shulman.

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Can you Feel my Love for Ya!

Amy Steinberg

Can you Feel my Love for Ya!

What an amazing beginning to the New Year!

I had a BLAST at the Posi Awards with INCREDIBLE musicians from all over the country.  It really inspired me to do a WHOLE LOT more traveling this coming year! So PLEASE if you'd like me to come to YOUR city, bring me! Host a house concert, or help me find a GREAT venue! We will MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Travels planned for this year ALREADY: Atlanta, Memphis, Raleigh, BACK TO FLORIDA! And lots more. OH! And I have a budding home studio, so I am learning how to record myself, which is a BLAST! May you find something that FIRES YOU UP and SPARKS YOUR PASSION this year!

Fired up, 


~ Excerpted from:

Amy's fire is raging this weekend!  Watch out, Georgia!

Friday, February 14, 2014
A Valentine's Day Show!
Savannah, Georgia

Saturday, February 15, 2014
A Chocolate and Wine Party!
Decatur, Georgia

Sunday, February 16, 2014
Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

To book Amy for your upcoming event, see her profile at

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The Ascension Oracle: You ARE Powerful - BE Powerful!

Natalia M. Schotte, PhD

The Ascension Oracle: You ARE Powerful - BE Powerful!


Interpersonal conflicts are opportunities to cultivate the Power of your Soul. Conflictual situations are calls to discover your Truth and to speak and act in accordance with it. As you do you become authentically empowered, your relationships come into alignment with your Soul and you experience greater Peace. When you do not step into your Power, you experience increased passivity and/or repetitive cycles of unresolved conflict.

At this time, you are being guided to resolve one or more significant relationship conflicts in a way that brings you and the relationship/s into greater alignment with your Soul. Begin by discovering and healing your part in the conflict. What misperceptions are creating separation between you and the other party/parties in the conflict? What feelings does the conflict stir within you? Acknowledge these feelings. Know the source of conflictual feelings is never in the present; it is always in the past - in this lifetime or others. If your feelings are conflictual, discover the Point of Origin Experience from which they originate. Then you can heal and resolve them at their source. Also, explore the spiritual purpose of the conflict, which may be revealed as you acknowledge your feelings. Understanding the spiritual purpose served by a conflict greatly assists resolving the conflict from a higher perspective. The sign you have done the requisite ‘inner work’ to resolve the conflict is your emerging neutrality. As the ‘charge’ of the emotional trigger dissipates, you become ready to take the action required for Soul-Based Conflict Resolution.

When you are engaged in ongoing conflict your ego/personality is in control. The ego/personality is externally focused and relationship conflict supports the continuation of externalization, impeding the inner focus that leads to the Soul. Co-dependent relationships serve the purpose of keeping you so externally occupied you have insufficient space and time for yourself. That way you do not have to heal your inner issues rooted in those old painful feelings from your childhood and past lives. When you tire of drama and choose to create Peace in your life, the real work of Spiritual Growth has room to begin. External focus never resolves anything. Every time you are upset in an interaction with another, go within, discover what is actually going on for YOU and heal it. Your outer life will reflect your inner changes.

Many people fear conflict. They are secretly angry and/or disgruntled and refuse to express it. They are passive and compliant, often triangulating others rather than dealing directly with the person with whom they are in conflict. They sacrifice themselves rather than developing their Selves. Conflict avoidance reflects an underlying sense of powerlessness. This same sense of powerlessness underlies most interpersonal battles as well. Projecting anger does not make you Powerful. Anger is a sign something is amiss. It is a call for healing. Once you have done the required healing, as indicated by your anger, then clarity and neutrality emerge. No longer angry, you simply speak your truth; say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ when you mean it; draw clear boundaries; and extricate yourself from situations in which you are not honored, loved and/or respected. It is never spiritually correct to stay in an abusive relationship and as you grow spiritually you disengage from all non-loving relationships. Resolving any conflict in which you are engaged may lead to the ending of a relationship. This might be difficult for you to contemplate, let alone enact. Yet, your Soul is calling you to higher ground. A more peaceful life awaits you.

You are being guided to develop your ‘spiritual warrior’. There is a misconception among many spiritual aspirants that ‘spiritual people’ are always agreeable. Superficial niceties and false peace are not the way of the Soul. The Soul is not concerned with the comfort of anyone’s ego/personality. It is not concerned with who accepts or likes you. The Soul is not co-dependent. The Soul is a Powerful force. It is the Voice for God/Source. It is clear and strong, uncompromising in the Truth, courageous in action and motivated by Love.

You are here to be fully Soul-Infused. The time to overcome your fear and the powerlessness it generates is NOW. When you perceive yourself as fearful and weak, you are experiencing a false sense of self, rooted in your ego/personality. It is time to experience your Self as you really are - brave and strong! You do this with every Act of Power. Every time you speak and act in accordance with your Soul, the Power of your Soul expression grows in its intensity.

You ARE Powerful - BE Powerful! "

Natalia M. Schotte, PhD

-Excerpted from The Ascension Oracle: Guidance for Accelerated Spiritual Growth, Copyright 2014, La Vie De La Rose

To book Dr. Schotte for your upcoming event, see her profile at  




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Standing at the Crossroads of Power - Teachings of the Sacred Wheel

by Lynn Andrews

Standing at the Crossroads of Power - Teachings of the Sacred Wheel

"2014 is all about taking your own power in the world, knowing what the power you are claiming is and why you are claiming it, and using it wisely. It is a chaotic time for all of us and at the same time, it is filled with exciting possibilities, profound changes and a sense of urgency to all that we are doing!

I have been so privileged to be working closely with my Mentors in the Mystery School all this past week as we prepare to meet this pivotal New Year with gusto! My writers from Writing Spirit, the School will be joining me shortly as we work and do ceremony together to bring light and energy to the coming year, circling our wonderful Earth with energy and the spirit of hope and renewal.

And if you are anywhere near Los Angeles the 2nd weekend of February, I would be so thrilled to meet you and share these things personally at the 2014 LA Conscious Life Expo, where I am giving a Workshop and will be at my booth when I am not in session.

2014 is a time for building community and opening ourselves to life together in dynamic ways. Come by and share stories and wisdom with me, and receive a free gift!

There are powerful, profound astrological changes going on right now, and I am feeling them intensely. How are you experiencing them? Join me on Facebook and let's talk about it. Time is moving so fast, and we are all faced with making major choices in our lives. Living life to its fullest is about opening ourselves to something new every day. It is about making community with the sacredness of all that is.

Now is the time for each of us to create a new vision for living, a new and more fulfilling relationship with self than we ever dreamed possible. This is the great promise and potential of 2014, new beginnings as we discover a more balanced way of life for ourselves and our world and heal our relationship with sacred abundance.

I invite you to join with me and a beautiful community of kindred spirits from all across the world this year on a journey into the healing powers of ancient, enduring wisdom and new discovery as, together, we stand 'at the edge of two worlds,' the crossroads of power where important decisions must be made and acted upon wisely. Let's create this new world together as we heal our Great Mother Earth! "

Lynn is appearing live at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo this weekend, Feb 8th, 2014, to conduct her Workshop "Standing at the Crossroads of Power - Teachings of the Sacred Wheel".

To read more about Lynn, or for information about how to book her for your next event, please view the Lynn Andrews Luminary Voices profile page.

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Shift is Happening!

by Jean Adrienne

Shift is Happening!

We've said it before and everyone is feeling it in one way or another:  There is a great shift transpiring! 

Luminary Voice, Jean Adrienne - author, intuitive, radio show host and developer of the InnerSpeak™ Breakthrough Coaching and Therapy Process - says the key to navigating this great shift is to "remember your roots and your truth":

"There is a lot going on these days. Those who are empathic are feeling it in their emotional bodies, everyone else is experiencing a lot of change – chaos even.  Many of us are just scratching our heads and wondering, ‘what did I think that is creating all this?’

Contrary to what my usual answer would be—that your thoughts always create your reality—this time I have to say that maybe you aren’t completely responsible! Remember, you aren’t the ONLY god!

My take on the energy right now is that we are in the midst of the Cosmic Shift of the Ages, and everything is up in the air! We are approaching the long-foretold Zero point, the apex of the curve, and when we reach that it’s almost like a roller coaster climbing to the top of the BIIIIG hill. When we go over that point, we will be flying. Right now, we are just about to top it, and everything feels a bit weird. We KNOW something huge is about to let loose, and we are excited, but we just can’t quite see what it is, and if you are like me, you are feeling REALLY ungrounded, wobbly and unsure.

The key to moving into the amazing feel of the next step is remembering your roots and your truth. What is that you ask? Remembering your connection to God as your source for everything. Letting go of trying to find any source other than God—especially trying to make things happen all by yourself.

Once you get clear on this simple concept, you are immediately grounded, back in the flow of abundance and everything falls neatly into place once more. All you have to do is throw your arms up in the air, squeal for joy and enjoy the ride!"

Complementing the launch of her new book, "Power Tools: The Ultimate Owner's Manual For Personal Empowerment", Jean will be facilitating her "Power Tools for Personal Empowerment" retreat Feb 7-8, 2014, at the Grail Springs Resort in Ontario, Canada.

To read more and for information on how to book Jean Adrienne for your next event, view her Luminary Voices profile.

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Love Yourself, Even the Shadow

by James Wanless, PhD

Love Yourself, Even the Shadow

As we approach Valentine's Day, we thought it the perfect time to feature this insighftul blog on self-love, written by Luminary Voice, Mr James Wanless, PhD:

Love Yourself, Even the Shadow

First and foremost, embrace yourself, all of yourself, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

Have the audacity to love yourself. When you look at the Lovers tarot card, which is a universal and archetypal truth for total aliveness and wholeness, notice how the sculpture depicts a man and woman in embrace, but they are composed of the same stone, so it's deeper essence symbolizes to enfold in your own arms all the different and various parts of yourself.

I know this may sound corny, but tell yourself that you love yourself.  Please do not get caught up in all the hype about self-love being pathologically narcissistic, unless you are extreme.  Some self-centeredness is absolutely required in today's world, and in fact, studies have shown that narcissists are often the best leaders with the most charisma and creativity.

To have just the right balance of self-love and collective empathy,  look at your so-called "shadow side," that part of you that you don't really love, and in fact, may despise and disown.  Remember, we are talking synergy, and everything, even those gnarly parts of you, are energy.  Tap into your "dark" aspects because they are resources.

If you are living in denial and disowning your shadowy nature, you are not synergistic and cannot be fully potentiated into your optimum and sustainable being. In fact, you are "unergistic," a word that I have created that describes unsustainable behavior. 

So, the primary step to embracing your unloved self is to follow "The Four A's of Self-Healing."  First, Admit those features and habits you don't like in yourself.  Like in AA, own it, admit it, declare it, accept it.  Second, be Aware of when you deny and denigrate yourself.  Finally, let your awareness be a sign and spark to Act how you are transforming your shadow side into light.  Take Action, even if it's talking to yourself that your are lovable and/or by doing something that is habit-changing. Affirm.

Mr Wanless is a true Visionary, Educator, Artist, and New Thought Leader.  To read more about him, or for information on how to book James Wanless for your next event, view his Luminary Voices profile.


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Laura Berman, New Thought Singer/Songwriter

"The world needs to hear all sides to our stories."

Laura Berman, New Thought Singer/Songwriter

Before her decided move to the New Thought music arena, Laura Berman was a NYC singer/songwriter who received critical acclaim for her debut CD, "Love Will".  She also performed as a backup vocalist with Grammy Award winning performer, Enya, on the David Letterman Show, and has opened for top-selling authors, including Neale Donald Walsch and Marianne Williamson. 

Laura performs continuously at Spiritual Centers across the country, including the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Those of us at Luminary Voices who have had the extraordinary privilege of a live experience with Ms Berman’s words and music can tell you she is the real deal – an authentically talented New Thought musical artist who puts her entire heart and soul into her performance, and inspires us to go deeper. 

"There are some things that can only be possible through divine intervention. And if you have any doubts about the existence of a Higher Power, Laura Berman’s voice will shake you. Her voice isn’t just that of an angel. There’s a whole heavenly gospel choir channeling itself through that tiny frame. It’s a wonder the force of it doesn’t lift her off the ground..." - Jennifer Layton





































































































































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Legendary Energy Medicine Healer, Donna Eden

Appearing February 18th in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Legendary Energy Medicine Healer, Donna Eden

Donna Eden is among the world’s most sought-after, joyous, and authoritative spokespersons for energy medicine. Her abilities as a healer are legendary, and she has taught some eighty thousand people worldwide, laypeople and professionals, how to understand the body as an energy system.

Her invigorating presentations are rich with audience participation and stunning demonstrations of simple methods for shifting the body’s energies for health and vitality.

Carolyn Myss on Donna EdenDonna’s best-selling book, Energy Medicine, has been translated into 18 languages, and is a foundational classic in its field. 

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Donna, by Jane Messing of InnerResources magazine.  In the interview, Donna shares about her mother’s recovery from tuberculosis: 

“My mother was very psychic and she always saw subtle energies. She grew up not knowing that this was unusual, as she didn't have parents to tell her any differently. 

Mama loved being a mama. And she raised us with questions like, "What color do you see around that person?" Or she would exclaim, "Oh, how beautiful his aura is!" She kept our sensitivities alive. She would get psychic hits and always, always act on them — they were her strongest source for direction. So I came in very naturally to the world of energy and psychic knowing. 

Donna Eden 4 yrs oldWhen I was just turning 4, my mother got tuberculosis and was put in a terminal ward, given no hope of recovery because at that time there was no effective treatment for TB. She was going to die. That was the reality we were told we would have to adjust to! We lived in Hollydale, a suburb of L.A., and my mother was in a sanatorium in Long Beach. We weren't ever allowed to go in because TB was so highly contagious. There was a window outside and, once a week, Daddy would lift us up so we could look through the window. We'd look down at Mama on her bed. She was in a terminal ward. It had eight beds. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in a terminal ward with eight beds! I remember looking in one time and realizing that the person in the bed next to her was dead. 


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2014: The Year of Graceful Exits

A message from Dr. Natalia M Schotte founder and president, La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences

2014: The Year of Graceful Exits


Two New Years


The Gregorian calendar, which marks January 1 as its New Year, governs linear time and, to the extent in which we engage in society, our external lives as well.

The solar calendar, which marks the Autumnal Equinox as its New Year, governs Spiritual Time and the Inner Life.


There is an intricate relationship between our Inner and outer lives. The Inner Life–or one’s consciousness–operates on the plane of causation (i.e. consciousness precedes external experience). We are either conscious or unconscious creators of our reality. Our experiences in the outer world inform us as to the state of our consciousness. Our abundant, joyful, harmonious and peaceful experiences, for example, reflect where we have healed our consciousness, where we are operating in alignment with our Souls. Experiences that are out of balance and/or that we perceive as painful are an indicator of misalignment with our Souls and are a call to healing. The external aspects of our lives, including our careers, finances, health, and relationships, are powerful informants of our healing journey. This is the purpose and gift of incarnating in human form.


In late summer, I asked Spirit for the spiritual focus of the New Nature Year and was given “The Year of Captivation.” During this current Nature year we are called to:


Surrender to the Captivation of the Soul


We do this by silencing the voice of the ego-personality and heeding the Voice of the Soul. (If you haven’t already read my article on The Year of Captivation, click here.)


To live according to the Soul, surrender to the deep and profound rhythms of Nature. This creates space for deeper breathing and feeling–important aspects of the Spiritual Healing that opens our Hearts to Love. It’s only when we slow down that we heal, love and relate intimately with others. From this Soul/Nature-centered way of living, we extend ourselves into the outer world. We come to know “we are in this world and not of it.” We engage in the outer world in meaningful and whole ways, ways that serve our spiritual growth and that of others.


The Year of Graceful Exits


Recently, I asked Spirit about the theme of the new Gregorian year. “What theme will characterize our external lives in 2014?” I was told that 2014 is The Year of Graceful Exits. Our increasing Soul Infusion Level–the degree to which we live from our Soul rather than our ego-personality-catalyzed with the Autumnal Equinox on September 22, 2013, is causing some of the external aspects of our lives to be out of sync with our inner Selves/Souls.

In 2014, we are called to align our expanding spiritual consciousness with our external reality. To do this, we will exit some relationships and situations–sometimes voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily. Either way the changes that occur are necessary for us to move into the larger life of the Soul.


We are called to be graceful as these exits occur whether or not we are initiating them. Gracefulness emanates from an understanding that the Life of the Soul is what we truly desire – it is the Source of true and lasting fulfillment.


We are being called to: Let Go and Let God


I created The Year of Captivation Solutions to support Accelerated Spiritual Growth in the current Nature Year. They are equally supportive as you prepare for and experience the external challenges and opportunities of 2014, which are the result of the inner changes catalyzed in this Nature Year. Learn more about The Year of Captivation Solutions here


Embrace the opportunities that this New Year offers to re-align your life with your Soul… the opportunity to create your life anew…the opportunity to live the expanded and more fulfilling life of which you are capable. You are here to be joyful. When you do what is right for you at a Soul level, you serve yourself and all others too, regardless of appearances. This year, we will be challenged to let go of codependency and attachments to external power, and as do we will be greatly rewarded.


Let us give thanks for the comings and goings that characterize the life of the Soul in form. Let us give thanks for the relationships and situations that are ending. Let us celebrate completions. Then let us sit peacefully in the sacred space created by the graceful exits that have occurred in our lives and allow the expanded Life of the Soul to emerge.


I send my heartfelt wishes for a glorious year of GRACEFUL EXITS. 


Dr. Natalia M Schotte is a pioneer and visionary in the fields of Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Healing. She has been an internationally acclaimed counselor, healer, intuitive, speaker and teacher for over 25 years. She began working with flower essences in 1986 and founded La Vie de la Rose in 2006. Dr. Schotte holds a Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines. She is also a Level 5 graduate from The International College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences. Dr. Schotte is ordained through the International Council of Community Churches. She earned her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto.


Click here to book Dr. Schotte to speak at your next event, workshop, or expo.






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Someday When Christmas Never Ends

By Luminary Voice, Gina Citoli

Someday When Christmas Never Ends

The best message of hope for the season I can give is through the music and lyrics of this song, "Someday When Christmas Never Ends." I hope you'll take a listen and enjoy.



Find out more about Gina Citoli here



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5 Steps To Bring In Positive Energy

By Sherry Gaba, LCSW

5 Steps To Bring In Positive Energy

One of the biggest ways to bring in positive energy and positive events in our lives is to be able to release the negativity that is blocking our ability to change and move forward. This is one of the hallmarks of my book "The Law of Sobriety" but the strategy can be used in any type of life situation. It is all based on the Law of Attraction which allows us to focus our mental energy on the positive things that we want in the universe, allowing us to be open and available to recognize them when they arrive.

That all may sound very simple, but it is a lifestyle and thinking change that requires conscious effort and focus. To get started letting go of the negative thoughts and energy and brining in the positives try these five simple steps.

Step 1 Develop a Schedule

If you don't have a schedule you will be doomed to floundering around, running from crisis to crisis. Scheduling your day allows you to take control and get rid of the little panic issues and stressors in your day. This, in turn, allows you to focus your time and mental energy on the things you need to get done and enjoy doing.

Step 2 Believe In Your Vision

Imagine yourself as you want to be, not as you may be now. Focus your thoughts and energy on that image and you will find that ways to move towards that image come into your life.

Step 3 Take Advantage of Positive Opportunities

Once you have a positive vision of yourself you are more likely to take advantage of the opportunities that life places in your path. That old negative thought that you can't succeed in the new task is replaced by the positive thought that this is you taking another step on your journey to success.

Step 4 Recognize Your Accomplishments

Letting go of negative thoughts and energy will leave you with the capacity to recognize all the positives you have accomplished. Do this every day, think about how the things you have done that day have moved you towards your vision.

Step 5 Keep Things In Your Life Positive

Those in your life that are negative, thrive on negative energy, or that are stuck right where they are not helpful in releasing those same negative traits in your own way of thinking. Surround yourself with those that do, not those that talk about all the reasons they can't do.

Sherry Gaba LCSW, Psychotherapist, Life & Recovery Coach is featured Celebrity Rehab on VH1. Sherry is the author of “The Law of Sobriety” which uses the law of attraction to recover from any addiction. Please download your copy of “Manifest Holistic Health” from Sherry’s Enrich Your Life Series.

For more information about Sherry, please visit her Luminary Voices' page:

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Gina's Song a Hit

Congratulations to Gina Citoli - her song These Are the Days made #6 on the ReverbNation Charts!

Gina's Song a Hit

If you are coming through Portland, Oregon you can catch Gina’s shows live at 7-9pm at Flanders House,

2926 Flanders St., Portland, OR 97232

Nov. 22, 2013 - "A Cabaret of Consciousness" is Gina’s elevating one-woman show on the evolution of human consciousness. It has been called brilliant, magnificent and genius!

Info at  


Friday Dec. 13, 2013 - Hail Divas, Wild Women & Rockers

They broke the rules and stereotypes and were the musical heralds of the powerful female energy coming alive on the planet. More about the show at

Because of limited seating please prepay.
Tickets, Interviews, Video, Music and Reviews at


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