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Luminaries Featured in New Magazine

Luminaries Featured in New Magazine

New Consciousness Review has superceded Luminary Voices magazine with an exciting multimedia review magazine serving the entire conscious community. It features book, film and product reviews, audio interviews, meaty articles and interactive ads. It includes a supplement of Luminary Voices, the transformational speakers and performers uplifting audiences around the world.

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8 Steps from Revelation to Manifestation!

By Kara Johnstad

8 Steps from Revelation to Manifestation!

There are 8 steps I use to manifest all my albums, concerts and big projects, and today, i share them with you. Enjoy!

1. Revelation
2. Intention
3. Elimination
4. Attention
5. Integration
6. Precision
7. Action
8. Manifestation


Ah, you have a brilliant idea for a new song or a new business.

Your passion awakens.


You say to the world: "...this is not a passing fancy. My revelation is important. It has a purpose. I intend to take this one step further!"  

Intention focuses our thought from one in a zillion to ONE that we want to follow through on. It gives the idea power. We hone in and focus on owning our inner voice.

 Plant the seed!

 How this seed grows depends on how we create the next steps.


We can learn a lot from Mother Nature. She plants her seeds in darkness. And yet most of us think: "PLANT your dream and you can see it grow."  

Focused mainly on Intention, Attention and Action, yet we ask ourselves time and time again:

- Why am I in constant overwhelm?

- Why are my actions not having the intended impact?    

- At this point many people stop.  

Our intentions are clear.  YET, we forget one of the MOST IMPORTANT STEPS ...ELIMINATION.

STEP 3 is a critical success factor! Mother Nature teaches us: the seed pushes itself through the darkness and dirt. Soiled, it is constantly moving and clearing a path as it heads towards the light and shakes off old dust.  

To clear out our junk and de-clutter our lives is an often forgotten part of the process. Things that we give attention to, grow. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to do step three first. It keeps us out of overwhelm.

- WEED the Garden before you water it.

- Cut out things and people that drain you!

- Start small and with time learn to LET GO BIG.


Create a daily practice of honoring your intentions by consciously giving them attention.

- Create habits,  

- create your destiny!

I start my day with a ritual of candlelight and gratitude. It puts me in the right mindset and focuses my attention on the things I love and want to create in my life. Our attention is one of the most powerful tools we have. Think of it like caring daily for your garden. Find the ritual that works for you.


Learn to pull from different areas of life and allow wisdom to guide you. We are working always with our Body - Mind - Spirit systems. Be willing to integrate and if needed change your mindsets to include new paradigms of thinking to create a bigger picture.

Allow yourself time to chillax.

The powerful changes that are occurring in your life need time to integrate.


Making a clear decision is hard for most people.

Yet, decision making is key to being successful.

Every day we are asked to make decisions as to what direction we want to go, and which direction our project is to take. BE COURAGEOUS. You only waver if both options are equally good. There are many approaches:

In modern western civilizations the credo is that big decisions should not be left to chance or intuition. Decisions should be thoroughly thought out and evaluated to ensure the best action is taken. When you make the effort to write down all the pros and cons, you are actually forcing your brain to realize all the positive and negative aspects of the decision.

As far as I am concerned, I have come to appreciate the "stomach art" - as the Japanese call it. This means:  "trust your gut instincts" while making a decision.

Following your inner voice and intuition isn't some "airy-fairy" concept that has no place in your life and your business. It's the exact opposite! Well, that is, if you're interested in making a difference in this world and running a successful business, as a heart based entrepreneur.

If you still feel totally paralyzed to make the decision, simply relax and flip a coin.
Heads or Tails frees up your energy and brings a smile to your face. Remember this: 

- Life is a mystery and we do not know which path is best.

- Make the decision and move on.

- You are always free to make a new decision!

Step 7: ACTION

This is clear. You have to move! I tend to be very impatient with artists who talk about the books they always wanted to write or the leading roles they always wanted to play.

Walk your Talk!

Allow yourself to climb onto stage and sing one song, knowing that next time it will be a whole concert. Write a chapter a month and at the end of 12 months you will have your book. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION for your dreams to become MANIFEST!


YOU DID IT! You birthed one of your many revelations. There is one line of the Lord's Prayer I adore: "On earth as it is in heaven." My greatest belief is that we are given a physical body to learn how to manifest. We are given talents and gifts so that we can give back to the world.

In living our highest potential the world becomes filled with beauty and truth.

Our lives are enriched and we revel in it.

If you have an insight that you would like to birth into the world this year, simply follow these GREAT EIGHT STEPS and make your dreams manifest.

Stay Gold,  


VOICE VISIONARY,  SINGER- SONGWRITER AND COACH, KARA JOHNSTAD, IS PASSIONATE ABOUT TRANSFORMING THE WORLD THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HUMAN VOICE: Founder of Voice Your Essence™ and Voice Your Biz™ training programs, she empowers audiences around the world via concerts, lectures and 1-on-1 coaching. Kara is passionate about helping luminaries, healers, songwriters and independent artists create a powerful authentic voice that connects to their inner stories and bring their truth telling and loving spirit out into this world.
She is an advocate for change in ways that heighten the human spirit. Her most downloaded songs include Love Never Fails, Message of Hope, Open Up and Receive, Heal Me Hold Me and Thank You.

Kara's mission is to help our world understand the role our voice plays in fine tuning our body-mind-spirit system.  For your free guided voice meditation go to

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You Can Do It

by JD Messinger

You Can Do It

The Source of Power

You're Funded With A Renewable Resource

What can you do? Anything! That's right, you are incredibly powerful, but the problem is either you don't know it, don't believe it, or cannot figure out exactly how to tap into this power. Remember, power is not force, it is not the willful use of your light to impose on others. Your power is an attractive, magnetic force, motivated to serve others. There is a big difference.

It begins by understanding the source of your power. You see (no pun intended) you are powered by a renewable resource, it is free and unlimited. This free unlimited resource is referred to as energy; some call it light. Light, photons, energy, it's all the same. The light that burns from the sun generated the food that fuels your body, the gasoline in your car, and the natural gas that powers the furnaces in the electric generators.

you-can-do-itLight is power. It's that simple.

Consider that every one of the five hundred billion emails, every television show, radio program, document, song, or photo whizzing around you right now is also light energy. The essence of this email, and the words within it, were converted into binary language (digits, as in 1's and 0's). Those digits represent a frequency. That frequency was converted into a uniquely energized photon, and sent to you via beams of light, and received by a unique identifier; in this case that is your email address.

These words are energy. This energy is in everything, everyone, and everywhere; a scientific fact, and this energy is your spirit. It is more than 99 percent of your physical being. The only part of you that is solid matter, a neutron, cannot even be seen at 100 million times magnification. Wow!

Let's take this one step further, and why I say you can do it—harness your light power and unleash your gifts upon the world.

You Are A Light Being

A Part of The Source

The journey began thousands of years ago with the world's greatest philosophers, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato. They were our first mathematicians and created our system of numbers, calendars, time and alphabet. They believed that our name is no accident, nor our birthday. The combination of these factors represents our unique energy signature. When that unique combination of letters and numbers is entered into a sophisticated software program, it generates a report that tells us everything about who you are; your gifts, challenges, and even the major cycles in your life.

With a sample of thousands, the result is the same. From corporate executive, law enforcement officers, members of parliament, military leaders, Olympians, HR directors, and sales managers...they are amazed. They cannot deny the science or the accuracy of the data staring them in the face. And we are talking 95-98 percent accuracy. I tell everyone, if it doesn't work for you, then you can gladly have your money back.

As a left brained, nuclear engineer, spiritual author, and life coach, I have poked, analyzed, triangulated and evaluated this from every possible angle for over a decade. The results are the same, and I am enthralled, honored, and humbled day after day, when I share this information with my clients. Every week I am honored to receive emails that state how their lives are transformed. And that is the #1 reason I use this method to help you discover your power, your light, and unleash it!

My clients use this information in helping them make life decisions. Some in choosing a career, others in selecting the ideal relationship or understanding the events taking place in their life. The majority of people are feeling a pull, some kind of shift taking place in their life, which typically happens around ages 45 and 55.

These shifts occur during our Heroes Journey—the three act play—that is a part of the mono-myth described by the late Joseph Campbell in A Hero of A Thousand Faces.

What does this have to do with your ability to Do IT? Everything! Absolutely everything!!

Let Your Song Sing

Activate Your Spiritual Stimulus Package

First, when you understand your gifts, talents, and challenges, you get IN FLOW! Attempting to fight the universal forces guiding and directing your life is futile. It will destroy you. On the flip side, when you are in harmony with your gifts, are on your yellow brick road, or understand the lessons and challenges, magic seems to happen! Of course it isn't magic. It is the convergence of science and faith. Relationships blossom, business opportunities materialize in DAYS, yes, DAYS.

It is universal, scientific, and spiritual law. It is the essence of what all the great masters have been telling us for all eternity.

All this is intended to invite you to join me in a 4 part teleseminar program that I am launching beginning Thursday August 7th. The topics addressed in the four part series includes:

  • Module One: The Science and History of numbers, the field of energy
  • Module Two: Your Soul Mosaic, Life Path, Gifts, Core Motivation
  • Module Three: Understanding Lessons and Challenges
  • Module Four: Life Cycles, Major Events, on the Yellow Brick Road

This program includes your full life profiles and personal consultation that is done via telephone or Skype, no matter where you live.

You can read the benefits to participating in my client testimonials. They say it is an inspirational boost, helped them in a career change, improve relationships, or find greater happiness, balance, and peace.

Understanding your purpose and gifts is the first step to getting on your path and is the catalyst that enables you to do it: sing the song you came to sing, write the book, find the ideal job, create or improve your business and more.

In closing I would like to say that working on mindfulness, exercising, praying (to ask), meditating (to receive), are a means to the end, not the end itself. The end game is to discover your purpose, believe in your gifts, find the courage to act, resources to start, and use your power for the ultimate reason for existence—co-creating with the divine. You are a powerful, energetic, light being, born with a dream, a purpose, and a gift. In fact, you have no idea how powerful you are. As soon as you decide, you can do it.

I hope you will join me. If you're not satisfied, you are most welcome to a refund.

With gratitude, JD

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What is an Imaginization?

By James Phillips

What is an Imaginization?

Imaginization.  So...what is it?

In the temple system of ancient Egypt, cosmic harmony was the model for earthly harmony. Intellectual life was part of the spiritual life; mental life was a reflection of the divine life; and Ascension to higher densities was the highest of ideals to strive for. This holistic philosophy accounted for the variety, complexity, and multiplicity of life, but never implied separation; unity was always present.  To acquire knowledge was to observe the divine at work; all branches of learning were equally divine. All science was incorporated into the highest exaltation of knowledge, the Law of One.

Two types of mediation are particularly useful for the seeker of the One.  The Passive Meditation devoted to emptying of the mind's mental jumble is useful for those who wish to achieve an inner silence to better listen to the Infinite Creator. Active Meditation, on the other hand, was the most important tool of the old Adepts in the temples who practiced releasing the awesome power of their imagination every day of their lives.

Active Meditation requires, first, silence, and second, clarity of mind for you to transcend the duality of this world.  To achieve this clarity of mind, Adepts taught their students that you must nourish the in-dwelling spark of the Divine each day just like the material body requires food and water to survive.  So they invented a powerful mental technique we call an imaginization to help you still the mind and body sufficiently to release the awesome power of your imagination and, with devoted practice, overcome the intense feelings and deeply embedded beliefs that confuse your subconscious mind and prevent you from letting go of old ways of doing and being.

You may not know it but the subconscious mind only recognizes and understands emotion and symbol.  You may desire it be so, believe it to be possible, and visualize it happening, but the problem is that your underlying deepest feelings about what you want are often confused.  If there is a belief in your subconscious mind that there is not enough, that you are not enough, that you do not really deserve what you want, then those beliefs will "bleed" over into the conscious mind and affect your ability to manifest what you wish for.  This is what keeps you locked into old ways of doing and being.

Unfortunately, prayer, affirmations, and other techniques that come from the conscious mind and primarily use only words usually do not work as well as you might wish. Visualizations are much more effective to help your subconscious mind understand exactly what you wish to change.  With our imaginization Album, a box set of 4 CDs devoted to the sacred wisdom of the Egyptian Adepts, you practice holding mental pictures steady to the inward eye long enough to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch these mental pictures as if they were real.  You practice consciously "planting" what you have created into your subconscious mind and releasing your completed imaginization to the universe for action fully anticipating that your desired outcome or ideal life is ready to be manifested for you.

But, before finally releasing your completed imaginization to the universe, there is something else you must do if you sincerely want to let go of old ways of doing and being.  The old Adepts believed that a divine partnership existed between the seen and invisible, between the world of matter and laws of the cosmos, between you and the Infinite Creator.  They knew well that the influx of your higher soul's greater wisdom, guidance and complete self-expression or the "fire from heaven" is necessary to "ignite" your old ways of doing and being and to manifest your desired outcome or ideal life.

Devoted practice of Active Meditation offers you the opportunity to create whatever you truly want – love, fulfillment, satisfying relationships, rewarding career, health, beauty, prosperity, inner peace and harmony, anything your heart desires.  It's the Infinite Creator's loving gift to you and the ancient secret of the Egyptian Adepts to tapping into the natural goodness and bounty of life.

About James Phillips

James Phillips -- speaker, author and co-founder of Living in Truth LLC – is dedicated to making the wisdom of ancient Egypt relevant for today's contemporary audiences and assisting in the birth of a truth-grounded world for us all.  Jim is the creator of the imaginization Album, a box set of 4 CDs comprised of pre-recorded creative visualizations inspired by the sacred wisdom of the old Egyptian Adepts. Jim is also the creator of the Total Relax Album and the Super Study CD Album which use his exclusive Total Mind multi-layered audio guidance system to support listeners in deep relaxation, rejuvenating sleep cycles, power napping, laser-like concentration and other extraordinary states of awareness.

Jim is a graduate of the prestigious Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia and travels extensively presenting the hour long "Living in Truth Lecture: a Gift of Love from Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti" and the three hour "Secrets of the Adepts Workshop".  Please check out for more information about his schedule of Lectures and Workshops and the outstanding audio products currently available through Living in Truth.

Summer of Gratitude Promotion

We, at Living in Truth, want to thank our customers for supporting the sixteen "Secrets of the Adepts Workshops" that we've facilitated over the last year and for the hundreds of imaginization Albums, Total Relaxation Albums, and Super Study Albums that we've sold on-line and in the back-of-room during the same period.

So, as part of our Summer of Gratitude Promotion, we'll send you the "Opening the Way imaginization CD" worth $17 for only $3.50 to cover the S & H.  That's right.  You pay just $3.50 for the S & H and we'll send you the most popular CD from the "imaginization Album", the most comprehensive series of audios ever produced about creative visualization.

This is a wonderful opportunity to sample the treasure trove of sacred wisdom of the old Egyptian Adepts for only $3.50! But that's not all! During our Summer of Gratitude, you can tell your friends and acquaintances how much you love our LIT Audios and get paid for it! We'll pay you $10 in CASH for each album your friends and acquaintances order AND they'll be eligible to receive each monthly promo as well.

For more information or to order, please follow the below link or call 773-248-1692 or email us at


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Gifting the World as We Age

By John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min

Gifting the World as We Age

Having published three books on the spirituality of aging in recent years (The Three Secrets of Aging, Bedtime Stories for Elders, and What Aging Men Want) I have the great pleasure to announce that I've been asked to present two workshops at the upcoming Sage-ing International conference "Gifting the World as We Age" at Seattle University, August 21-24, 2014.

Sage-ing (also sometimes called conscious aging, positive aging, vital aging, spiritual eldering and active aging) is a way of living the second half of our lives that is joyful, fulfilling and meaningful. Sage-ing involves personal and spiritual growth, making deeper connections with our friends and family, developing new passions and giving back through service to others.

Sage-ing means living our later years creatively and with purpose; it means harvesting the accumulated wisdom of our years and sharing it with the next generation. Sage-ing means enriching the lives of others as we expand our own. In the words of Sage-ing's founder Reb Zalman, "Sage-ing is a program of spiritual growth that can empower you to add more years to your life and more life to your years!"

Here's a brief overview of my two thought-provoking and engaging workshops in this series.

1. Initiation, Transformation and Revelation: The Spirituality of Aging: At this moment in human history, science, medicine and nutrition have opened an entirely new stage of human life. Three powerful psychological/spiritual forces inform this new stage: initiation, transformation and revelation.Engaging these forces can result in unprecedented developmental tasks, gifts and growth potentials that will change our lives if we take the time to understand them. As pioneers of a new consciousness, we may even change the course of human history, culture and evolution.

2. What Aging Men Want: Social and career pressures often require a man to battle for personal, vocational and financial success over the years, losing touch with his authentic self, family and love relationships. In this workshop, the presenters will share their own journeys from warrior to elder, lover, and sage, and draw from the profound symbolism of Homer's Odyssey to describe the struggles men face returning from the war of life, including early mistakes, growth challenges, obstacles to loving.

Please help me share this information and consider joining me there. You can learn more at and

John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min

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The Four Hurdles You Must Jump in Life

by JD Messinger

The Four Hurdles You Must Jump in Life

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Enliven Your Soul Contract

by Mary Ann Lembo

Enliven Your Soul Contract

Awaken Your Consciousness

Everything is energy including our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. All energy vibrates, is sent out and returns to us . . . and therefore, the creation of personal reality. The law of attraction vibe includes all those energies as well as belief systems that are unconsciously running in the background of our consciousness.

Imagination and self-awareness are the keys to unlocking a happy and healthy life. Building a strong sense of self through self-confidence is key to remembering your contract with the Divine.


  • Discover your own personal truth can be a beautiful journey. Step forward to uncover what belief systems and programs are running in your subconscious. Use spiritual tools and step by step you will realize the shift has happened and life is better. Here are some guide posts to help you along the way
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the chakras – the energy centers of your consciousness. Through this awareness, you will understand yourself and also others which makes life so much easier.
  • Learn how to incorporate spiritual wisdom into everyday living through color, gems, aromatherapy and the power of positive thought. Decide to dress with consciousness, eat with consciousness and establish clear intentions.
  • Release of unwanted behaviors and belief systems by cutting the cords of your past. Sometimes we realize we must step away from some people who we thought were authentic colleagues and friends.
  • Think Good Thoughts! Use replacement thoughts to help you transform your reality. Here is one to help you: I magnetically attract peaceful and thoughtful people into my circle. My friends and family are supportive and happy for all the good that occurs for me. I am prosperous and successful . . . and appreciative!
  • Become aware of all levels of your consciousness – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Self-awareness is the key to self-actualization.
  • Let yourself connect with angels, spirit guides, and loved ones on the other side. Believe in your own intuition. Everyone is intuitive and that include YOU!!
  • Meditate. Contemplate. Have fun with crystals and create a crystal grid in your own home, office and sacred spaces to set your intentions to activate and remind you of what you DO want vs. what you don't want.


The not-so-secret key is your imagination. Anything that you can imagine, passionately desire,and ardently work toward must come to pass. Become limitless in your potential because you ARE limitless. Your reality, joy, and happiness are always up to you!

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening (now in five languages); The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; the Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards and Color Your Life with Crystals and seven spoken audio CDs. She is the creator of a line of award winning Aroma-Energetic Sprays including Smudge in Spray™ and the seven Chakra Sprays. She is a spiritual entrepreneur and practitioner, aromatherapist, and the owner of The Crystal Garden — a book store, gift store, and spiritual center in southeast Florida since 1988.


Review Margaret Margaret Ann's Luminary Voices profile at


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by Kathleen McKern Verigin
"They call me the great pretender," crooned the 1950s band, The Platters. The pretending they sang about was rooted in angst. While in water aerobics class this morning, it occurred to me that I too am a great pretender, in a fun way.

When we were instructed to run in place for sixty seconds, I remembered how much I hate running, even in my younger and thinner days. So today I pretended I was an Olympic runner, on my way to a gold medal. The minute flew by and left me panting and smiling.
The instructor told us to do a series of forward leaps. This time I pretended that I was a prima ballerina gracefully moving across a stage. Baryshnikov beckoned, poised to catch and lift my lithe body. I swear my leaps took me above the heads of my fellow swimmers.
Later we were instructed to move our extended arms together and apart, in front of our bodies. "Make waves," the instructor shouted. Suddenly, in my pretending game, I was Moses parting the Red Sea. The patterns in the water were amazing. I didn't want to stop.
At its root, pretend means to "stretch forth." We did this very naturally as young kids. By pretending, playing make believe, we stretched our minds by using our imagination. Anything was possible! I wonder when that stops. When we start school? At puberty? Or perhaps the first time an adult told us that what we imagined wasn't real.
I think it's time to drop the shame and reclaim our joyful sense of imagination. To make time to play, to vision, to dream. When I was a documentary writer and producer a boss once startled me when he walked into my cubicle. I had my feet up on the desk while staring out the window at a beautiful spring day. I immediately put my feet down and started moving papers, pretending I was really working. I'll never forget his wise words. "You do not have to pretend like you're working. Taking time to do nothing is part of the creative process. Because out of nothing always comes something."
How can pretending help you today? Can you turn an angst into a positive by pretending everything is okay, even if just for a few moments? Remember, we are all Great Pretenders!

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Time Stands Still! Ancient Secret to Anti-Aging

by Lissa Coffey

Time Stands Still! Ancient Secret to Anti-Aging


No, this isn’t some spam ad for a crazy new facial serum or expensive injectable. I think we’ve learned by now that nothing you put on your face or in your face is going to make you stop aging. And really, some of what we’ve seen on the faces of certain celebrities make us want to run from these “miracle” treatments as they only make us look distorted and fake.

People age.  That’s just the truth of the matter. Everything ages, really – it just takes a different amount of time depending on what it is. That cheese in the fridge gets a bit funky after a few weeks.  But Mount Rushmore is still looking pretty good after all this time.  Even rocks don’t last forever, they just seem like they do because they’re around so much longer than we are.

Time goes on. Hours turn into days and days turn into weeks and weeks turn into years. We can’t stop the calendar, and we can’t stop the clock.  Or can we?

Remember when we were younger and everything seemed to take so looooong? Well, not everything. Maybe the school day lasted forever, but after school time with our friends went by super fast. We looked forward to birthdays and counted the days until we finally got to celebrate being another year older. And now, even though we see some friends rarely, when we do get together it’s like no time has passed at all, we pick up right where we left off.

Time is relative.  It’s a man-made concept measured by the sun. We can’t stop the calendar, and we can’t stop the clock.  Or can we? As we’ve learned, although the measurement of time is consistent for everyone, the experience of time is completely unique to each person, in each circumstance.

Every once in a while we have these amazing experiences where time stands still.  It might be a beautiful sunset that takes our breath away. It might be watching a baby sleep, and storing that precious moment away as a memory. It might be getting lost in doing some work you enjoy – so much so that hours go by and it feels like mere minutes. And it might be lying in the arms of your beloved, matching your breaths, treasuring the feelings of comfort and connection.

When time stands still for us we are at peace. All is right with the world. We are engaged, relaxed, and happy. All of our cells and hormones are functioning and taking care of us without any effort on our part. We are unaware of the passage of time, totally living in the moment of “now.”

By now we are well aware of the mind-body connection. So, it stands to reason that when we mentally stop the clock through these glimpses of timelessness, that our body “clock” stops as well. This may be an unscientific concept, but I think that it’s true. And understanding this, we could consciously seek out these experiences of timeless awareness to keep ourselves looking and feeling young – to turn back the clock, so to speak. We can’t always predict when or how we are going to fall into these moments – but we can plan out our day so that have them on a regular basis. How? With meditation.

By setting aside just 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening to sit in silence you can take years off of the way you look and feel. In meditation, we let go of burdens and responsibilities and just sit. We allow thoughts to drift by and peace to take over. When practiced on a regular basis, meditation can help us to feel more centered, calm, healthy, and young.  And when we feel that way, how can we not help but look that way as well?

Meditation can be built into our days in other ways as well. When taking a walk, pay attention to your footsteps. Imagine the earth rising towards your foot, loving every step you take. Feel the energy of the earth warming your body, filtering itself through the soles of your feet. As you breathe in the fresh air, picture this life-giving force distributing itself to every organ in your body, allowing it to renew and refresh your being.

When cooking a meal, pay attention to the colors and the textures of the vegetables. Breathe in the fragrances of the oils and spices. Listen closely to the sizzles that the food makes when it hits the pan. Imagine the service that went into the harvesting of the grains that now go to nourish your body. Focus on adding love into the dish with every stir of the spoon. And when eating, savor every bite, knowing that every morsel is serving you, benefiting you, feeding you body, mind, and spirit.

Artists know what this feels like, to lose themselves in their work. If you knit, or have a pet to play with, you know the feeling as well. Engaging the senses, feeling the connection all that is, and being present as activity occurs and you observe it as much as participate in it.

Meditation can lift you up if you let it. It lightens your burdens, and in a way it gives you a face-lift, too! You’ll be smiling more, stressing less, and walking with a little more pep in your step. You feel better, and because of this, you look better, too. The peace of mind literally shows on your face.

You could pay hundreds of dollars for the latest and greatest face creams. You could pay thousands of dollars for fillers or surgery. You could even pay to have your pictures photo-shopped every time you post to Facebook! Or you could try the no-cost way to look and feel younger. Meditation is an ancient secret that is a secret no more. It’s available to all of us, for free, as it has been forever. Partake of the nectar, and let your inner beauty, the eternal youth of your soul, shine through.

Excerpted from Lissa's 3/24/2014 Blog at

Learn more about Lissa on her Luminary Voices profile:



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3 Steps to Shift Out of Love Addiction

by Sherry Gaba, LCSW

3 Steps to Shift Out of Love Addiction

One of the most powerful techniques available to changing yourself from the inside-out is the use of visualization.  In my book, "The Law of Sobriety", I talk about how visualization can be used to treat all types of addictions, including love addictions.  Love addictions are usually the result of feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.  Changing this is the first step on the path to recovery.

To use visualization techniques successfully, you need to have a quiet, disruption free space and time.  Once you are able to give your full emotional and mental attention to making changes in the way you see yourself you will find your relationships will also change for the better.

Step 1: Picture Yourself as a Positive Individual

Before you can be a successful part of a couple you have to be successful on your own.  Create a mental picture of you, on your own, as a happy, independent and vibrant person.  Feel yourself as this person, standing alone and not depending on someone else to complete the image.

Step 2: See the End Result You Want

When people visualize it is critical to only focus and dwell on the thoughts and images that bring you to your desired goal.  It is often tempting to see obstacles or possibilities of failure but this is counterproductive.  Focusing on negatives will only send out negative energy, creating the very situation you want to avoid.  See yourself as successful and independent and that is what the universe will provide.

Step 3: Mental Work Before Change

Unless you see yourself as being successful all your efforts in the material world will be futile.  This is why people with love addiction find it so hard to create meaningful change.  You have to understand at a spiritual and emotional level that you are able to be complete without another person before you can make a relationship change. 

Breaking the need to feel completed by someone else is not easy.  A coach, counselor or therapist can help you with visualization techniques and exercises that will be necessary to make the changes you want. 

Sherry-Gaba-Law-Of-SobrietySherry Gaba, LCSW, a psychotherapist and life, love and recovery coach, is featured on Celebrity Rehab on VH1.  Sherry is the author of "The Law of Sobriety", which uses the Law of Attraction to help people recover from addiction.   She is also a contributor to "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times, Tough People and Conscious Entrepreneurs", and to several e-books, including "Empowerment Manual:  Finding Purpose With Intention" and "Filling the Empty Heart:  5 Keys to Transforming Love Addiction".  

Sherry's available e-courses:

How to Heal Your Broken Heart

Wake-Up Recovery, 10-week Certification
(for Psychotherapists, Coaches or anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of using the Law of Attraction to recover from addiction)

Along with the above courses, Sherry is offering two e-books, "Relapse Prevention" and "Eliminate Limiting Beliefs", free of charge at

For more information about Sherry, or to book her for webinars, teleseminars, coaching packages and speaking engagements, visit her Luminary Voices profile at Luminary Voices - Sherry Gaba.

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Incredible: The Happiest Place on Earth Gets Happier

by Holly Duckworth

Incredible: The Happiest Place on Earth Gets Happier

What do you get when you bring together:  The Happiest Place On Earth, 300 soul-filled Centers for Spiritual Living practitioners and leaders, then throw in Austin Vickers, producer of the film People vs. State of Illusion, Jean Houston, and sprinkle it with a little pixie dust?

Answer – One big, huge, giant, Week of Wonder (WOW)!

As light communicators in our world, you know the power of peace, joy, love and connection.  You may have experienced what happens when you bring a community of like-minded people together.  From the business meeting to the PTA, or simply your family around the dinner table, you choose to build a conscious love filled experience.  

Multiply that by 100 and you might feel what I felt as I experienced my first Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) convention.  Convention is a time for those who to serve the movement to be rejuvenated, to share ideas and be educated on what peers in other centers are becoming.

Luminary Voices and those who follow them are dedicated to living lives of continual education and finding ways to share that education with others.  This convention inspired many types of education from hallway chats, to workshops, formal keynotes each night and a growing presence on social media.  Follow the tweet stream at #cslwow.  See our Storify of the week at

CSL WOW was about connection, global connections.  It was a rainbow of light to look around the room and see fellow spiritual beings from Mexico, Trinidad, Canada, and around the US. Attending conventions can remind you, you are a part of something bigger.  It inspires your spiritual prayer work, your reading, the products and services you purchase and even your travel.  CSL convention was host to a bookstore, vendors, and even a choir courtyard.

Holly-Duckworth-CSL-Convention-2Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse, CSL President, reminded us of the vision of Centers for Spiritual Living, “Build a world that works for everyone”, as he asked some of the movement's most educated, connected and inspired leadership how we would know if we attained our vision.  He challenged us to “go as deep as you can with your individual practice and build a world that works for you.  Only from that place can we build a world that works for all.”

Each participant walked away with the wisdom of Austin Vickers, the stories and passion of Jean Houston and Faith, Trust, and a little pixie dust.


Each and every session of our 2014 CSL convention convened as our services do - steeped in affirmative prayer.  

Nine months ago I took a risk and submitted my session "Volunteer Victories: How To Attract Volunteers Into Your CSL Community".  A few months later I was overcome with joy when I learned I had been selected to participate in the conference. As the only non-practitioner, non-clergy on the program, it was truly a gift.

If you are interested in the slides and handouts I am happy to share them at

In all things we receive and give with gratitude.  This week for me can be summed up with this word phrase:

G - Give of yourself
R – Respond with love
A – Authenticity in you will always shine
T – Trust yourself and your community to provide
I – Inspire others to their greatness and you will find yours
T – Thankful for every opportunity
U – United as joy, peace, and love will prevail
D – Declare your truth with grace and compassion
E – Evolution of our Planet depends on us

I am a changed practitioner of science of mind as a result of a week of prayer, visioning, singing, listening and participating in this community. I know a deeper peace, a greater joy and believe even more all things are possible.

Mark your calendar now for the Centers For Spiritual Living, 2015 Spiritual Living Convention, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, February 16–20, 2015! 

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, is CEO of Leadership Solutions International, speaker, facilitator, author and blogger.  Holly invites leaders to their highest and best through visioning and co-creation. She uses volunteerism, technology and spirituality as powerful platforms for change.  Holly is where leadership, technology and authentic spirituality converge.  

To bring Holly to your organization visit her Luminary Voices Profile at Luminary Voices - Holly Duckworth.

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It Takes Just 15%

by Candia Sanders

It Takes Just 15%

Between 15,000 to 13,000 years ago, a series of major geological events began to happen, culminating in the final flooding around 12,000 BCE that forever changed the landscape of North America. It is known as the Great Missoula Flood. Glacial Lake Missoula's ice ruptured, sending a massive wall of water, boulders, trees and debris down the Clark Fork River in Montana, into the Columbia, cascading as far west as the Willamette River in Oregon. It helped carve the amazing canyon we know as the Columbia Gorge. It reached the geological tipping point of catalytic transformation.

The floods are a wonderful analogy to the tipping point in consciousness, the place where change on a massive scale happens. When copious energy is focused and grouped together, things begin to shift. When enough people are awakened, conscientious, involved and aware, change accelerates dramatically. In terms of business it's "the law of diffusion and innovation." Something - being ideas, products, philosophies etc, must hit 15% of the population's mass consciousness for things to achieve success and or change beliefs. It's called "crossing the chasm," as Jeffery Moore says, reaching this percentage for things to steamroll.

Combine this with the concept or ideology of "the secret". This concept focuses our attention on specific ideas, philosophies, beliefs and goals. When our focus is precision-cut, and we believe it possible, we have the ability to manifest. Again, this is likened to the "tipping point" and "the law of diffusion and innovation." Razor sharp focus - gathering like-minds to spark the "law of diffusion and innovation" amplified by "the secret's" concentration and belief - then provides opportunity for global change.

Bringing it down to the personal level, it is far too easy to see our world as a "glass half empty" planet. The political chaos, social inequities, war on this issue and that, a possible escalating war with Russia, you name it, it's negative. Just thinking about the 535 members of a very ineffectual Congress makes me testy. All you have to do is turn on the news and watch the nonsense. It is very easy to focus on the negatives. However, -and this is the big however, what if we could connect with 15% of the population and think major transformative positive thoughts:

  1. The Congress is extremely effectual, rising to a high level of integrity both in country and globally.
  2. The hole in the ozone layer is shrinking to its most perfect size. I have actually read it's always been there; it allows higher frequency transmissions to enter our atmosphere.
  3. Positive Agriculture is here to stay; healthy organic products will be the mainstay globally.
  4. Water is pure, rich in minerals and safe for all.
  5. Animals are no longer homeless because people care and are responsible.
  6. People live happy, healthy, and responsible lives.
  7. Etc. Etc.

Okay, you get the idea. So pass it on, this positive thinking, group-consciousness network of powerful, earth-changing, change-the-status-quo, "law of innovation and diffusion" coupled with bullseye focus and belief, radical Missoula Floods thinking.

We just need to hit 15%. That's doable!

Let's dare ourselves to make a difference. No, make that double-dare!

Cosmic sunshine to you.  

Candia-Sanders-Soul-RaysCandia Sanders is a Medical Intuitive, Speaker and Author of several books including soon to be published The ABC's of Being Human and Soul Rays.  She has studied under some of the most well known Energy Healers of our time, including Donna Eden, and has taught multiple classes and workshops covering a broad range of topics.  Her work has been validated innumerable times by the medical profession, and her main objective is in helping others to open up to their own consciousness.

Candia's upcoming events include:

March 10, 2014, 7pm PST
Live on Odyssey Radio

April 5-6, 2014
Body Mind Spirit Expo
Portland, Oregon

April 12, 2014
"Vibrational Medicine for Pets and People"
NW Pet and Companion Fair
Portland, Oregon

April 13, 2014
"Learn to Dance in your Soul's RAYdiance"
Awakenings Bookstore
Battleground, Washington

For detailed information about the above events, visit Candia Sander's Events Calendar.

To book Candia for your upcoming event, visit her Luminary Voices Profile at Luminary Voices - Candia Sanders.

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The Simplicity of Creation

by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D

The Simplicity of Creation

How would you feel if someone overheard your every private thought? Or witnessed every private action you made? What if all sense of privacy was suddenly not a possibility and each of us was exposed completely?

It is happening. It has always been happening, just not to this current degree. Creation is aware of and witnessing as well as reacting to everything that we think or do, express, consider, act, react, everything.

With the amount of light that is currently affecting us, it is as if we have stepped into an expansion chamber and everything is directly heard, felt and witnessed by Creation. As this happens, Creation immediately goes about rearranging around the infinite possibilities of how to answer us. It finds the greatest possibility and then brings that to our world.

When we are relaxed in our being, present in the now, and open to what is, and what comes, we are able to recognize Creation’s response to our expressions and act upon them. This takes a certain amount of self awareness. When we deny our very truths by not choosing to be aware we miss our own boat all day long.

Somehow though, in spite of us, we reap the benefits of every now. Sometimes we just don’t realize it but later, longer term, we can see the benefit of every now that we have occupied and how everything we thought, did, expressed, etc. affected everything that we did. On the other hand what we are often not aware of is how beautifully and perfectly this etheric choreography operated in spite of us.

Funny thing how we as human beings developed such egos as to believe we control everything in and around us. Certainly we direct our own show, but on the other hand, infinite forces conspire the outcome in conjunction with our intentions. If we did nothing, we would remain an inert aspect of Creation, barely noticed but still supported. It is our actions and reactions that carry us beyond our comprehensions and exactly to the destinations we have secretly craved. And yet somehow we are amazed and surprised at the outcomes as if they are magical, mysterious, even bizarre, yet in all our innocence we managed to participate in those outcomes.

Plain English? In all of the complexities that are us and are available to us, happening with and within us at any given time, the slightest message to Creation alters the outcomes time and again. It is our free will that allows this to happen, our ability to direct our own show by virtue of self awareness, letting go of resistance, and sending all of our creative messages into Creation from our deepest hearts. In spite of all that I have said above, it remains always that simple.

~ Excerpted from Dr Meg's Online Message, Dec 3rd 2013, Copyright Rev. Dr Meg Blackburn, Spirit Light Resources

Meg Blackburn Ph.D, is a Master Healer, speaker, teacher and author of many bestselling books, including The Children of Now and The Secret History of Consciousness. She is a dually Ordained Minister in both Spiritual Science and Metaphysics, a Ph.D of Holistic Life Coaching and holds a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics.


Along with her upcoming events, Dr Meg is offering her "Touching the Light" Certification Classes.

Dr Meg's upcoming events include:

March 10-21, 2014
Awakening the Spirit Within
Peru, South America

May 9, 2014
Wesak Conference
Mt Shasta, California

June 18-23, 2014
Children of Light Conference
Salt Lake City, UT

July 20-28, 2014
Sacred Sites Visit
England, United Kingdom

For detailed information about the above events and Dr Meg Blackburn's upcoming book, The Children of Now EVOLUTION, visit her Event Calendar.

To book Dr Meg for your upcoming event, visit her Luminary Voices Profile at Luminary Voices - Meg Blackburn, Ph.D.

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Love is an Inside Job

by Rev. Christine Green

Love is an Inside Job

Nagging and badgering.  The inner critic never seems to take vacation or even a break! You can’t have what you want. You are not good enough for that. How on earth do you think you can pull that off?

We would never think of repeating those judgments to our friends and loved ones. Yet, we often beat ourselves up mentally and verbally until we feel exhausted and defeated.

Focus, intention and gratitude help us to internally shift from disruptive thoughts to self-affirming ones. When we observe our thoughts and behaviors, we can begin to manage them. Strip the inner critic of its power by speaking uplifting statements: I rejoice in who I am. I am lovable and capable. I accept and honor myself. Develop an attitude of gratitude and consciously give thanks for blessings each day.

As we peel away the layers of false beliefs and ideas about ourselves, we touch into our connection with unconditional love which is God.  In her book, A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson states it perfectly: “Love is changeless and therefore so are you. Nothing that you have ever done or will do can mar your perfection in the eyes of God.”

Love is an inside job. Begin by letting go of judgment and self-criticism. As we love ourselves, we are inspired to acknowledge and appreciate others. The more we give, the more we receive. The expansion is contagious!  

1096 428533d6f5c2bb4 aevumlinWith a background in business, education and spiritual studies, Christine has served in leadership roles in New Thought Ministries in California and Oregon. Christine is the author of several books on caregiving and women’s issues.

Christine's upcoming events:

March 1-22, 2014
Loving My Body: Healing From the Inside Out
Center for Inner Awareness
Salem, Oregon

March 19, 2014
New Thought Center for Spiritual Living
Wednesday Night Service
Lake Oswego, Oregon

March 30, 2014
How to Find Peace After the 5 O'Clock News
Sacred Spaces
Salem, Oregon

May 9-11
Renewing in the Spirit Retreat
Menucha, Corbett, Oregon

For detailed information about the above events, visit Christine Green's Event Calendar.

To book Christine for your upcoming event, visit her Luminary Voices Profile at Luminary Voices - Christine Green.

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Dealing with Resistance and Non-Believers

by JD Messinger

Dealing with Resistance and Non-Believers

It is important to realize that we are each on a journey, and that journey is to discover our own truth.

Not everyone is at the same place, and we all are challenged with faulty, limited and outdated programs (FLOPs) that are created by our mind and stored in our cells.  

11-Days-In-MayWhenever one of these are challenged, as described in [my book] 11 Days in May, we are first confused because we are facing information before our eyes and ears that is inconsistent with a belief.  If that belief is a big old FLOP, it cannot be removed by arguing. In fact, the more we try to argue a case, the more fear, resentment and anger one might face.  

Regardless of whether or not you are dealing with political, social or spiritual resistance, I believe these tips might help:

  1. Respect all paths. It is our diversity that makes us strong and every opinion is worth listening to.
  2. If you are confronted, ridiculed, challenged or chastised, keep it personal and politely respect their opinion but share your personal story and how it affected you in your life. If the person does not respect your right to share your experience, I suggest you stop right there and wish them a happy day.
  3. Ask questions and don't make statements, assumptions or judgments. When we ask open ended questions, the guard and defenses go down.
  4. Distinguish facts from supposition and speculation.  Before sharing facts, be sure that the other party cares.
  5. Share benefits to understanding. Most people are more receptive to having a discussion and sharing information if they can see a benefit to it.
  6. Share how they can become more informed or actions they can take that might empower them!
  7. Timing is everything. Bedtime, Monday morning, Friday or Saturday evening, or the Christmas party is probably not the right time to begin a deep discussion on the nature of life, living, or reality. And it is never a really good time to talk about politics, sex or religion unless the setting, timing and expectations are set and aligned.
  8. Tidbits are risky whereas emerson is really helpful. If you're talking something sensitive like an NDE, angels, souls, past lives, or volatile issues such as how fluoride and GMO are poisoning the air and water, or the Federal reserve is not a public entity, or how the left (or right) is destroying the country, it is best to not drop snippets but rather have information and facts ready to reference.
  9. Be prepared for the recovery. If all else fails, fall back to an apology and just stop, sense and feel into the situation and acknowledge that it just went wrong. It doesn't affect the relationship and cordially agree to disagree.
  10. If it's boiled down to an emotional slug fest, consider this: you have tapped a nerve. That nerve is based on a painful memory, experience, or belief that is what Dr. Phil would call a Tape, or what I refer to as a FLOP. The more violent the response, the greater the anger, resentment, or hatred--that means there is some great fear inside them. If at all possible, try to turn yourself into a compassionate, loving, forgiving and tender soul--in other words, send them love. Give them a hug. If you truly send this love and compassion from your heart (not your head) they will feel it. And, it is quite possible they will break down crying.

~ Excerpted from OMG Thank you! Dealing with Resistance and Non-Believers. Copyright 2005-14, The Messinger Group LLC.

JD-Messinger-1JD Messinger has figured out a secret that others struggle to define, let alone implement.  No matter what field or application, JD has proven time and time again through no less than four world first innovations and eight global transformations, that there is a simple formula to make magic happen. It is a combination of science, faith, leadership and understanding the underlying principles of our human and spiritual essence.

JD's upcoming events include:

Saturday, March 1, 2014
Converging Mind and Source
Infinity Foundation
Highland Park, Illinois

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
If You Believe It, You Can Do It
Little Napoli Italian Restaurant and Bar
Houston, Texas

Saturday, March 29, 2014
11 Powerful Techniques to Reclaim Your Power
Setauket Neighborhood House
East Setauket, New York

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Discover Your Soul Path and Reclaim Your Power
Bridgehampton, New York

For detailed information about the above events, visit JD's Event Calendar.

To book JD for your upcoming event, visit his Luminary Voices Profile at Luminary Voices - JD Messinger.


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