Basia Christ, B.S. Business Administration, M.B.A. Marketing, Ph.D. Transformational Counseling, working on a Master's in Holistic Psychology (to be completed early 2016)

Basia Christ, B.S. Business Administration, M.B.A. Marketing, Ph.D. Transformational Counseling, working on a Master's in Holistic Psychology (to be completed early 2016)

Fee Range

Under $2,000

Travels From

Aliso Viejo, CA, United States

Rev. Basia Christ was born in 1946, grew up in a blue-collar family on Chicago's tough West Side, and experienced poverty and street gangs. She knows how it feels to be in the minority. She learned compassion and tolerance for people who have different cultures and beliefs.

Until the late 1980s, she experienced gender discrimination in the workplace, which drove her to become an activist. As she became more aware of global issues and discovered how women and children were sold, abused, battered, and murdered, she discovered her "calling" and became an advocate for human rights.

Rev. Basia has three grown children, Kirsten, Elke and Thor. She relocated to Aliso Viejo, CA from Chicago, IL in September 2001.

She will be teaching "Healing the Wounded Child Within" at the Temple of Light, 11 Goddard, Irvine beginning October 5, 2015 from 7 to 9 p.m.

She is available for presentations on gender equality (Breaking Adam's Rib), human trafficking (It's in Our Backyard), living kidney donation (Why I Became a Living Kidney Donor), and helping people reach their highest purpose (5 Paths to Rising to Your Greatness).

She is writing Breaking Adam's Rib: Healing the Fracture Between Men and Women.

Rev. Basia and is currently the Editor-in-Chief and a contributor for Radiance magazine ( published by the Temple of Light, Irvine, California ( as well as its Executive Director.

As of August 2015, Rev. Basia became a domestic violence survivor advocate and will soon be volunteering in a women and children's shelter.

She was the Editor and Graphic Designer of and contributor to Amazing Women magazine published by Raven International ( from November 2014 to May 2015.

Rev. Basia traveled to Kenya during February 2015 to interview Maasai children for Amboseli Children's Fund that is funding their education ( She is a Board Member and sponsor of this non-profit.

She published her first book, From Ash to Flame: Women Rising, on December 1, 2014 and it has received nine 5-star reviews.

Rev. Basia was an altruistic kidney donor on November 3, 2010 ( She and Lata Kothari, the recipient, are doing well.

She reported on the 2009 Inauguration of President Obama in Washington, D.C. for the OC Register (

While attending the March 2009 CSW at the U.N., Rev. Basia was on a panel with Fran Drescher regarding women's health issues around the world (

From 2002 until 2007, she wrote for Today's Woman, Beach Cities Style, and Empowering Women magazines.

She has been a member of the National Association Against Domestic Violence, a CASA (court-appointed special advocate) for a foster child, and a member of UNIFEM.

Rev. Basia has a B.S. in Business Administration, an M.B.A. in Marketing, a Ph.D. in Transformational Counseling, and is currently working on a Master's in Holistic Psychology (to be completed during early 2016).

If you wish to contact Basia, please email or phone 949.690.1257. For more information, please visit

Basia Christ Testimonials

  • "Ms. Christ is a very special person and has a lot to share from her personal life and events.  She is a very articulate and passionate speaker.  She motivates people.  I would attend if I found out she was speaking."

    ~ Anjay Rastogi, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Living Kidney Donor Program, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, Califronia

  • “I was moved to a deep spot in my soul when I heard Ms. Christ speak. She was articulate, authentic, and honest. She drew the audience in. All eyes were on her as she shared her story of triumph of how she ‘rose from the ashes’ from being suicidal to becoming an altruistic kidney donor to becoming a spiritual counselor. If you are seeking a motivational speaker who will move the audience, I recommend Ms. Christ.”

    ~ Shari Young, Owner, My Doggies Daycare, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

  • “Most speakers spend hours upon hours honing the ‘perfect’ talk with all the right ‘buzz words’ and, although powerful, can sometimes leave us with a feeling of being ‘talked to.’  When Rev. Basia speaks, all pretenses and planned cliches are not present.  She speaks from her heart; it's real.  For some, this may be new and possibly even uncomfortable because she takes us to a place of honesty within herself which begs us to do the same with our Self.  She gives us courage to look within and be okay with who we see.”

    ~ Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt, Founder & Spiritual Director, Temple of Light, Irvine, California

  • "Basia is a delightful, enthusiastic presenter. Her topics are inspirational. One presentation is about her amazing generosity in donating a kidney. She also tells moving stories about women from around the globe who went through incredible adversities which she details in her book, "From Ash to Flame: Women Rising." She details the process of her transformation and the significant contributions these women have made to so many others. Basia has a passionate spirit ...and gleam in her eyes which shines out to touch the heart of her audience."

    ~ Jane Drew, Member of the Inside Edge

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