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Walking Out of the Fire

"We must remember that we are never given more than we can handle, and sometimes, faith in the face of darkness can be our best friend. I have survived my earlier life and walked through the fire, as many of us thankfully have. And though fraught with challenges, I for one am supremely grateful to be alive. And by its very nature I am fulfilled. Whether I feel like it or not I endeavor to work on the quality of my life on a daily basis. I hope you will too."

—Anthony J.W. Benson

An alcoholic and drug addict, sexually abused, a high school dropout living on his own by age 15. An ex-con for a roommate, in and out of the Army, followed by a nervous breakdown by age 17. Broke, jobless, alone and contemplating suicide all by age 19.

Not quite the life Anthony J.W. Benson had envisioned for himself as a child growing up in the Midwest. Walking Out of the Fire is a powerful and inspiring lecture that will examine a life riddled with drugs, self-loathing, violence, recklessness and eventual personal redemption.

Seemingly destined for an early death, Anthony will describe his extraordinary life-saving awakening at age 20, which catapulted him to a life full of love, exploration, spirituality and fulfillment. Anthony will share his heartfelt story of “walking out of the fire” and offer his perspective on his commitment to the recovery of self, combined with his personal vision of purpose. His hard-earned experiences and valuable insights will encourage you in exploring your own sense of purpose, which will help you begin the process of defining what your calling is—ultimately learning how to start to living your life to its fullest.

Content may include but not limited to:

• Learn to cope with peer pressure
• Enhance your self-esteem
• Overcome adversity/intimidation
• Understand the dangers of drugs and alcohol
• Learn to make healthy decisions
• Recognize risky behaviors
• Identify resources for assistance
• Interactive Q&A session


Topics,Talks and Workshops

Presentations are appropriately designed for each individual group, school, church, group and community, and may be customized per your personal and professional needs and agenda.




The Entrepreneurial Life:

A Heart-based Business Strategy for Success

…“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

~ Robert Frost

Many of us are creative life-adventurers that have often, personally and professionally, walked the road less traveled. What is this calling to be independent, to take risks and to be in control of our own destiny? In this inspiring presentation Anthony maintains that there are unique and rewarding callings that we all respond to. A deep part of ourselves desiring to shine—to become fully realized—such that, we are compelled to give it birth—ultimately gifting the world with our passion, desire, talents and entrepreneurial spirit. This is, in great part, the evolution of self.

Embracing, and succeeding at, the entrepreneurial life is best served by incorporating a heart-based strategy—one that honors the true essence of who you are, and others, and is complemented by an open mind and open heart—to better serve yourself and the world around you. 

Anthony will teach how to:







Although the impermanence of our life and business is a foregone conclusion—it is how we handle what is in the here and now that matters most. 

This presentation is perfect for small business owner and anyone desiring to be or become a better entrepreneur.



Let's Connect: 

How to Make Conscious Connections for Love and Prosperity

What’s the secret to personal and professional prosperity? Connections! But, making connections the old way, through disconnected and self-serving methods doesn’t meet our needs for meaning and fulfillment.

Master communications coach Anthony J.W. Benson will present a new way of “networking,” a way that builds on spiritual truths and techniques, a way that enables lasting and meaningful relationships.

Learn valuable principles, processes and techniques and how to make “conscious connections.’’ By incorporating a new perspective and philosophy of how to interact with yourself, others and the world you will:

• Eliminate roadblocks, personally and professionally

• “injoi” better connections with people you meet in daily life (business, restaurants, the gym, bus stop, etc.)

• Experience more interesting, engaging and rewarding relationships with family, friends and business associates

• Remove the discomfort of talking on the phone, party anxiety and the fear of public speaking

• Find the joy in each exchange... and much, much more

Let’s Connect™ is an intention and integrity based process that creates the opportunity to make a conscious connection with people with whom you interact.



"Anthony's story is an inspiration for each of us. He will touch your inner being with both caring and inspiration."

—Andrew H. Orgel
President & COO Wisdom Media Group

“Anthony is a joy to work with. He is the consummate speaker and engages his audiences like the pro that he is.” 

—Melissa Giovagnoli
Founder and President

Networlding Leadership Center for Innovation and Collaboration

"Your high level of enthusiasm and integrity in connecting with the participants was very motivational and inspiring. It was reassuring to me to know that your dynamic flair clearly demonstrated a personal and professional passion for making a difference in the lives of today's youth and families.

Your successful approach to presenting the honest and bare truth of your journey with addiction with such uniqueness and poise filled a void and opened minds to inspire to live up to their potential, a challenging task for an audience that ranged from school-age children, high-school students, college students, and parents to grandparents. By allowing your ideas and thoughts to flow from within helped create the pathway for many of the participants in the audience to reflect and connect their own experiences and passage.

Thank you again for this new experience and impacting my community. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance in helping to spread the word. I would love to see a return visit soon."

—C. Miller
Recreation and Camps - Arlington Heights Park District, Arlington Heights, IL

"Dear Anthony, I wanted to personally thank you for your riveting and inspiring presentation at the Prospect Heights Park District. Your story is truly amazing and I am glad that you are willing to share so many of your profound and intimate moments with complete strangers. I was especially touched when you confided in us and began to share your spiritual awakening that you were so honored to receive. I now feel closer to God, my family and friends. Once again, thank you for sharing with us and I look forward to seeing you again one day."

—Atom Davis
Health Staff - Prospect Heights Park District, Prospect Heights, IL

"Anthony Benson's journey out of abuse and addiction is more than a tale of survival, it affirms the human capacity to rise above all obstacles, and reminds us that each day is an opportunity for change and growth."

—Christine Maggiore
Author of What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong? and Excuse Me For Living

"When Listening to Anthony speak you immediately know that he speaks from the heart. His life story will touch you. By the time Anthony is finished speaking, you have an enormous feeling of being loved, understood, and that he truly cares about you and has shown you a path for your own personal success."

—Gail Joyce
Minnesota Workshop participant

"Anthony J.W. Benson is impeccably heart-centered, authentic and inspiring."

—Jill Lawrence
Host of Jill & Friends, Wisdom Radio Network

"Drawing from a deep well of his own profound experience, wisdom and compassion, Anthony's words also seem to flow abundantly from Source, creating an atmosphere of higher consciousness that allows us to listen, to feel, to heal and to awaken."

—Vyktoria Pratt Keating
International Recording artist and Minneapolis lecture attendee

"Anthony J.W. Benson is a speaker who opens his heart to his audience. He speaks from the bitter experience of his own life, but reveals the transformation, which can occur when love replaces bitterness and hope replaces despair. His intriguing life story is also a mirror reflection of aspects of all our lives and Anthony helps us to come to terms with our own fears in reaching that place where love reigns supreme. He does this with compassion and humor and imparts wisdom and understanding that come from the stuff of life."

—Peter Longley
Former Cruise Director for the Queen Elizabeth II, International Travel Lecturer and author of Two Thousand Years Later

"One of my biggest triumphs concerns my younger son. He's not an open child, and that's difficult for me, since my business is communication. Anthony helped show me that Gavin adds value to our family just the way he is. He suggested that I find a few things in Gavin that are his joy and focus on those positive things instead of his unwillingness to communicate. Now, we're allowing him to be who he is!"

—Melissa Giovagnoli
President of Networlding and author of The Chicago Entrepreneurs




Anthony J.W. Benson Testimonials

  • "Anthony speaks directly to our hearts in such an illuminating, empowering, and inspiring fashion. Bringing forth the powerful message of truth that challenges us to take the risk of going beyond our fears, anger, and despair into an experience that reflects what it means to LOVE and truly be LOVED. 

    Anthony's work is user friendly advice filled with beautiful teachings, gracious stories, dozens of spiritual practices, humorous takes, and wise practical ways to awaken to the highest wisdom in every part of our lives... A true celebration of the heart!”

    —Brian Hilliard
    Founder/Dharma Dreams, 
    Managers of Global DreamMakers

  • "Dear Anthony, Thank you for speaking with my group of students at Wheeling High School. Your vast life experiences provided my high school students with a learning opportunity. You addressed very personal, real, and difficult situations that are relevant to my students’ lives and perhaps similar in some ways to their own lives. 

    They can take what you gave them through your openness and honesty to look at their own lives, past and present, and make choices that will empower them for a lifetime. Again, I truly appreciate the time, energy, and talents you shared with us."

    —Janet Aschenbrener
    Teacher, Wheeling High School, Wheeling, Illinois

  • "Anthony has a remarkable ability to place his audience right in the moment. Very few people really know what agony any addict goes through, and I felt as if I was with him at every significant period of a dramatic, intense search for self. He truly speaks from the heart, without apology, and without quasi self analysis. This is a real experience, he lived it, he fought with it, he won. I walked away a different person after hearing Anthony."

    —Stuart Brooks
    Colorado Workshop Participant

  • "Anthony is an articulate, passionate speaker who shares his heart and soul with an audience. His life story will inspire, uplift and touch you deeply."

    —Arielle Ford
    President of the Ford Group and Dharma Dreams/author of Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Teenage Soul and Magical Souvenirs

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