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LUMINARY VOICES showcases the talents of transformational authors, speakers, performers and musicians. They come from the leading edge of social and spiritual change and are the moving force behind the emerging consciousness.

LUMINARY VOICES is presented by Conscious and Transformational Speakers, which brings to the world speakers who are leaders in personal and global change.

Our goal is to provide a forum which inspires people to book you for in-person and virtual events that enable you to deliver your message to an audience hungry for knowledge, wisdom, education and inspiration. We will be aggressively promoting this site so that more people will learn about you easily and effortlessly! To learn more, please review our Become a Member Page.

Whether you are planning an in person or virtual event --- or may be looking for someone in the future -- we hope you will bookmark Luminary Voices and our sister site, Conscious and Transformational Speakers to help you create memorable and moving programs.

For Meetings, Conferences, Corporate Events, Workshops, Virtual Events, Fundraisers, Charity Events, House Concerts, and Parties, search our speaker directory for talent that may meet your needs, or contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist you in discovering fresh, creative and inspiring talent that fits your budget. Our service is always free to meeting planners or event organizers.

Transform your organization now; bring a Luminary Voice to your next in-person or virtual event.

We invite you to visit often to keep in touch with the latest themes and get to know the brightest players on the evolutionary scene. Sample the diverse offerings of the wide array of talent on Luminary Voices.

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Meet Our Luminaries

  • Luminaries
  • Pearce, Stewart
  • Hans, Heather
  • Lani Nash
  • Ngwainmbi, Emmanuel
  • Blackburn, Meg
  • Shulman, Richard
  • Duckworth, Holly
  • ThunderBeat, Devara
  • Clark, Laura
  • Johnstad, Kara
  • Parti, Rajiv
  • Joy, Linda
  • Young, Patricia
  • Steinberg, Amy
  • Sanders, Candia
  • Lapin, Jackie
  • Morley, Judy
  • Green, Rev. Christine
  • Rose, Gerian
  • Messinger, JD
  • Reed, Ken
  • Eden, Donna
  • Gurpreet Ahuja, MD, MS, CHC
  • Lula, Jami
  • Adrienne, Jean
  • Cultivating Peace and Joy
  • Rivera, Faith
  • Goldman, Jonathan
  • Saint Tone
  • Buffington, Sherry
  • Gaba, Sherry
  • Davis, Susan
  • Devitte, Philip
  • Christ, Basia
  • Wilson, Shelly
  • Fritts, Sabrina
  • Andrews, Lynn
  • Montana, Cate
  • Greer, Carl
  • Curnow, Stacey
  • Greene, PhD, Dr. Ida
  • Schotte, Dr. Natalia Rose
  • Shinshuri, Tamme'
  • K., Lisa
  • Berman, Laura
  • Robinson, John
  • DeNomme, Donna
  • Kemp, Amelia
  • Blanco, Pollyanna
  • Rosati, Lisa Marie
  • Gina Citoli
  • Dillon, Ilene
  • Martino, Stacey
  • Crane, Nathan
  • Jade, Isis
  • Pritchard, Mary
  • Sondra Sneed Godscribe
  • Allen, Marc
  • Freya, Whitney
  • Steele, Robert
  • Cosmos, Elizabeth
  • Feinstein, David
  • Renner, Kevin
  • Prince, Ronna
  • Dunlap, Kevin
  • Phillips, James
  • Wanless, James
  • Dale, Cyndi
  • Markowitz, Dave
  • Duane, Mal
  • Kelly, Dr. Katherine T
  • McKern Verigin, Kathleen
  • Coffey, Lissa
  • Freed, Judah
  • Larson, Cynthia
  • Giesemann, Suzanne
  • Maxwell, Jessica
  • Athans, Catherine
  • Ruiz, Ash
  • Seltzer, Henry
  • Daggett, Suzie
  • Grace, Sonja
  • Lembo, Margaret Ann
  • Fitzpatrick, Lisa
  • Benson, Anthony J.W.